Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

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Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, or ROSMT for short, is a Swedish cooking series on YouTube hosted by Niclas Lundberg, and inspired by the cooking series Epic Meal Time. The difference between Epic Meal Time and Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time is that Niclas and friends are Swedish men cooking regular food with extreme Swedish violence like vikings. The name of their episodes of what they’re cooking are also named violently (Examples: Meatball Massacre, Barbaric Brutal Breakfast, Furious Fishdicks, etc.)


When Harley Morenstein (along with Muscles Glasses) first created and opened YouTube account Epic Meal Time on September 29, 2010, there was a extensive amount of spin-offs, parodies, knock-offs, and some controversy like Reply Girls stealing and PETA provoking. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time is somehow different from the others. 3 months later after Epic Meal Time is made on YouTube, Niclas and his friends created and opened YouTube account Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time on January 6, 2011. The fact is they are retourt and inspired by Epic Meal Time and started doing their own cooking show in which they do extreme and over the top cooking shows.

The very first video they posted is Spaghetti Explosion. It was posted on the same day they created their YouTube channel. The title on the beginning of the video explains they are “retourt to Epic Meal Time”.


The fans have praised the show and discuss how this series is more entertaining than other cooking shows, including Epic Meal Time. Fans started doing videos of spin-offs out of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time and they responded with a single video. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time currently have over 925,000 subscribers and 75,000,000 video views, and counting.

ROSMT Finished?

The last video was posted on May 20, 2012. While fans have waited and begged for their return, there was no word if Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time is coming back or not.

We’re Back, Bitches

2 years later, a new video was posted on April 1, 2014 (not a April Fools joke they’re playing), announcing their comeback to make more Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time with bigger and better extreme Swedish cooking violence. The newest episode Lethal Lasagna. was posted on April 3, 2014, two days after their comeback announcement video. A week later after Lethal Lasagna was posted, Niclas made a humor video of why they’re gone for a very long time.

Reddit Post On Their Absent

A friend of Niclas from the show made a Reddit account[6] on that same day to explain their absence in the past 2 years[7] due to school, daytime jobs, and studying for their bachelor degrees. He also answer why they’re returning is because they have better routines along with getting resources for the show with the help of a local Swedish YouTube network. At the end of his post, he stated “TL;DR we’re back, bitches!”.

Episodes, Bloopers / Behind The Scenes, & Spinoffs

New episodes of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time are posted every Thursday, and the weeks in between are Bloopers / Behind The Scenes of the latest episode. On January 29th, 2015, at the near end of the video Chiliomb Chicken they announce a spinoff series called Mondays With Mr. Fox where the puppet character from ROSMT Mr. Fox performs mundane tasks and finds himself in obscure or omnious situations. Mondays With Mr. Fox first aired on February 1st, 2015, and will continue to post new episodes every Monday.

Notable Features And Characters

Niclas Lundberg

The badass presenter of the show. With his appearance, he’s mocking the macho stereotype of a bearded and brutal viking. He screams a lot, swears, punches everything, drinks milk, never eats any vegetables, peels potatoes with his teeth and skin, chops stuff with a battle axe, and, of course, eats a lot of mayonnaise.

Pre-Dinner Mayonnaise / Pre-Dinner Snack aka It’s Good For You!

One of the most recurring jokes on the show is eating insane quantities of mayonnaise or liquid butter and saying the famous quote, “It’s good for you”. In addition to pre-dinner snacks in almost every episode of ROSMT, a special compilation episode was made and uploaded on September 8, 2011, titled Crazy Community Mayo Marathon. The line “It’s good for you” has gained much recognition and is often quoted by fans around the web. Link to a (deadpooled) article

Hacka Löken!

Famous exclamation meaning literally “Hack the onion!”. It’s gained almost as much of popularity as “It’s good for you” mostly because of how brütal it sounds and also because of the way Niclas hacks onions. One of the fans uploaded a compilation video on Jan 12, 2012 (below, left) and in the “Lethal Lasagne” video (below, right), ROSMT made a grotesque autoparody, hacking the onion with a giant battle axe.

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is a fictional character reappearing throughout the series. He’s a fuzzy white fox puppet pictured as Niclas’ archenemy who keeps pulling tricks on him and despite Niclas’ efforts, Mister Fox has yet to be punished for his deeds. In all episodes Mr. Fox seems to be a cruel evil mastermind, however, on February 27, 2012, ROSMT uploaded a video in which Mr. Fox appears to have a tragic background. Mr. Fox stars in his own show Mondays With Mr. Fox every Monday.

More Catchphrases

  • You gotta be gentle with it, like a Swedish lady.
  • Next time, Mister Fox!
  • Swedish style!
  • Add X, if you want to. We won’t, this is REGULAR!
  • Tasting if it’s good… Approved!
  • Green shit for pussies.
  • Dinner is served, bitches!

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