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Toby Joe Turner, also known as Tobuscus, is a popular actor/comedian who became famous as a result of the popularity of his many YouTube channels. He is known for his Literal Trailers, his CuteWinFail series, his gaming reviews, and his daily “LazyVlogs.” His “Tobuscus” channel currently has over 3.8 million subscribers and he has almost 1.9 billion views across all of his main channels.

Online History

Toby began making YouTube Videos in June of 2006. Although his first channel, simply called Toby, was created in October 2005, he did not post anything to it until 2010, and the channel has since fallen into disuse. His actual first video, posted to Tobuscus, entitled “What I’d do with the remote from Click… ” has garnered over 600,000 views, partially due to the fact that it is his first.


After about a year of posting videos, usually consisting of a variety of skits and parodies, he became more widely known and began to branch out into other video types. After moving to Los Angeles in 2009 and subsequently starring in the movie “New Low” in 2010[1], he began another channel, known simply as TobyTurner.[2] Here he posts his daily “LazyVlogs”, in which he documents some activity, like walking his dog Gryphon, while he recounts the events of his day.[3] He prides these on simply being recorded and then immediately uploaded, with no editing involved, hence the name.


In Septemeber of 2010, he began his playthrough of Halo: Reach, which he at first posted to TobyTurner. However, this was only until he created another channel, TobyGames, now with over 4 million subscribers, and is where game playthroughs and commentaries are now posted exclusively.[4] In addition to these, he also posts a series of Highlights, which are fan favorite moments from his various playthroughs, of many different games. Toby recently started using a ‘Facecam’ in his gameplays which allows the viewers to watch the game and Toby himself while he’s playing.

Game First Posted Last Posted Total Parts  Completion Status
Halo: Reach September 22, 2010  November 11, 2010 51 Complete
StarCraft II October 8, 2010 October 30, 2010 22 Incomplete
Fallout: New Vegas October 19, 2010 January 24, 2011 100 Incomplete
Call of Duty: Black Ops November 9, 2010 December 7, 2010 35 Complete
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood November 16, 2010 February 17, 2011 98 Complete
Amnesia: The Dark Descent December 11, 2010 February 1, 2011 55 Complete
Dead Space 2 January 30, 2011 April 4, 2011 67 Complete
LittleBigPlanet 2 February 12, 2011 May 26, 2011 32 Incomplete
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Online) February 16, 2011 February 18, 2011 3 N/A
BulletStorm February 23, 2011 April 14, 2011 43 Complete
Halo: Reach (Online) March 2, 2011 March 6, 2011 3 N/A
Homefront March 16, 2011 April 8, 2011 22 Complete
Crysis 2 March 22, 2011 May 25, 2011 59 Complete
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Justine (DLC April 14, 2011 May 14, 2011 13 Incomplete
Gears of War 3 (Multiplayer Beta) April 18, 2011 April 20, 2011 3 N/A
Portal 2 April 19, 2011 June 10, 2011 54 Complete
Brink May 10, 2011 May 13, 2011 4 Incomplete
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean May 14, 2011 May 27, 2011 11 Incomplete
L.A. Noire May 18, 2011 September 29, 2011  121 Incomplete
Duke Nukem Forever June 16, 2011 August 31, 2011 69 Complete
Terraria June 17, 2011 February 9, 2012 208 N/A
FEAR 3 June 24, 2011 August 1, 2011 39 Complete
Deus Ex: Human Revolution August 31, 2011 September 18, 2011 17 Incomplete
Dead Island September 7, 2011 December 6, 2011 81 Incomplete
Left 4 Dead 2 September 28, 2011 October 7, 2011 10 Complete
Words with Friends October 9, 2011 October 14, 2011 6 N/A
Batman: Arkham City October 19, 2011 November 1, 2011 14 Incomplete
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception November 2, 2011 March 27, 2012 51 Complete
Skyrim November 17, 2011 October 5, 2012 323 Incomplete
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations December 4, 2011 February 16, 2012 75 Complete
Limbo February 10, 2012 February 16, 2012 26 Complete
Rayman Origins February 17, 2012 March 3, 2012 16 Incomplete
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword March 28, 2012 June 24, 2012 81 Incomplete
Street Fighter X Tekken March 7, 2012 March 11, 2012 5 Incomplete
Diablo 3 (Beta) April 24, 2012 April 25, 2012 2 N/A
Bloodforge April 28, 2012 May 3, 2012 6 Incomplete
War Inc. April 29, 2012 June 6, 2012 6 N/A
Max Payne 3 May 16, 2012 June 4, 2012 19 Incomplete
Slender August 9, 2012 September 26, 2012 10 N/A
The Walking Dead September 29, 2012 December 4, 2012 60 Complete
Black Mesa October 7, 2012 October 13, 2012 7 Incomplete
Dishonored October 13, 2012 November 4, 2012 22 Incomplete
Need for Speed: Most Wanted November 4, 2012 November 4, 2012 1 Incomplete
Assassin’s Creed III November 5, 2012 December 6, 2012 31 Incomplete
Far Cry 3 December 2, 2012 March 6, 2013 90 Complete
Just Dance 4 December 5, 2012 December 22, 2012 2 N/A
Haunt December 24, 2012 December 27, 2012 4 N/A
Halo 4 December 28, 2012 January 9, 2013 12 Incomplete
Planetside 2 December 29, 2012 January 15, 2013 5 Incomplete
Dead Space 3 February 7, 2013 March 12, 2013 29 Incomplete
Current Daily Commentaries
Game First Posted
Minecraft September 22, 2011
Happy Wheels  June 11, 2012

On September 22, 2011 Toby uploaded his very first Minecraft video entitled “Minecraft – BROTHER PIG – Part 1” to his channel TobyGames. The series has grown in popularity with each new video that is posted daily along with full commentary. It has also gone on to become his longest running and most popular playthrough. His most popular Minecraft video is “Minecraft – ENDERMAN ROOMMATE” with over 2.5 million views.

CuteWinFail and Literal Trailers

Toby is also well known for his CuteWinFail series, in which a cute video, a win video, and a fail video are all shown and then voted on by viewers in order to determine which when is the most “epic.” He even has an entire channel dedicated to this series, on which he posts various clips and outtakes.[5] Latest episode had been posted on November 27, 2012, and since then the series seem to be ended.
In addition to this, he also occasionally puts out a “Literal Trailer” in which he takes a movie or video game trailer and sings what is happening in it to the music of the trailer. Because of the immense popularity of these, in addition to the many other songs he does[6], he is often invited to play live at various conventions. His most popular one remains his Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Literal.

Animation and Music

Toby has been working with animator GonzoSSm to create animated songs.

They’ve also worked together to make Toby’s “Animated Adventures”, which Toby considers “his most successful web show”[3].


One of Toby’s most notable collabs include “The Sideburns Crew”, a trio consisting of YouTubers Jacksfilms, SeanKlitzner and Tobuscus himself. They’ve made a few songs and sketches together and also performed their iconic “Sideburns song” live at VidCon 2012.

Appearances in Other Popular Media

Toby appears in the Annoying Orange cartoon aired on Cartoon network. The show features only one human character, a scientist named Nerville, played by Toby, and the rest of the Annoying Orange gang. Guest stars for the series include Jeffrey Tambor, Billy Dee Williams, and Felicia Day.

Besides this, Toby has made appearances in a number of commercials and YouTube series such as his Hot Pockets commercial:

Tobuscus Adventures: The Game

On May 21, 2013, Toby has announced a release of a mobile phone game, called Tobuscus Adventures[13], featuring Toby as main wizard character in a world full of zombies. The announcement was formed into another episode of Tobuscus Animated Adventures.


Toby’s large Audience lead to quite an amount of fan-made content. Few of them are uploaded on Toby’s channels in a segment called “Fanbuscus”, while the rest is shared on a fan-driven channel “TobyTurnerAudience”[12].

Also, “Gimme That”, a remix of one of Toby’s let’s-play episode, made by DJ Alex S, is currently played at the end of every gaming episode on TobyGames.

Popular Quotes and Catchphrases

Toby is extremely well known for his colorful use of extremely odd and almost nonsensical words and phrases, often starting to say one thing, but then finishing it as if it were something else. Some notable examples of his most popular catchphrases are included below.

Intro/Midtro/Outro of X

Usually, at the beginning and end of each LazyVlog, Toby will place his finger of over the lens of his camera in order to cause the camera feed to go black, then red as he slowly removes his finger, then white as the camera readjusts to the ambient light. This method effectively gives Toby an “Intro of Darkness, then Redness, then Whiteness!”, a phrase which he commonly adapts depending on the surroundings and kind of video. Also, the colors black, red, and white have been made Toby’s “colors”.[8]


Whenever Toby encounters an attractive girl, he often breaks out into the rapid, slurred repeating of the word “hot”, often excusing himself by saying “It’s okay, I’m really funny.” This has become one of his many staples and he often makes entire videos revolving around his saying “HotHotHot…” because of a particularly attractive girl.[9]

…Roll the Next Clip Steven!

Steven is Toby’s imaginary editor/intern/behind-the-scenes-guy that he is constantly referring to. In his CuteWinFail videos, he will shout at the end of a clip what it was (a cute, win, or fail) followed by “Roll the Next Clip Steven!” This phrase is often used by fans to describe something by mimicking what he says at the end of clips and adapting it to what they are describing.
Example: “That’s a win! That’s an appropriate example win! Roll the next clip Steven!”

I’M A BIRD MOTHA’ F*****!!

During an episode of CuteWinFail, a video was shown depicting a bird that was seemingly dancing to some accompanying music. Whilst doing his comedic voice over, Toby, pretending to be the bird, said “Oh yeah. Das mah jam! DAS MAH JAM!! I’M A BIRD MOTHA’ F*****!! I’M A BIRD!!” This phrase caught on quickly resulting in several remixes[10] and even t-shirts.[11]

Bless Your Face

Toby also makes a habit out of blessing peoples’ faces. At the end of almost every video he does (mostly any vlog-based video or gameplay), he always concludes with “Bless your face. If you sneezed durning this video, bless you. Peace off! Boop!” Many fans take pride in the fact that they sneezed during a Toby video and subsequently were blessed.

Badadododododododododo SUBSCRIBE!

At the end of his daily LazyVlogs, Toby signs off by saying “Badadododododododo SUBSCRIBE,” which is a play off of his self-written theme song and has become a staple of all of his videos.

Gaming catchphrases

Toby’s gaming videos also feature several specific catchphrases. Every video almost always starts with “Hello once again, Audience!” and ends with “I gotta pause it. Thanks for watching! Click adnotation on the top right to watch next video. Bless your face. If you sneezed during this video bless you. Peace off. Boop!”.
For more situational quotes, Toby is known to scream “God dangit!” when he fails or dies in the game:

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights shows that searches for “Toby Turner” first began in March of 2006, a couple months before his first video was posted, possibly as a result of his stand-up career. Searches for him began to level off and then decline until 2010, around the time he filmed “New Low” and started Tobuscus. Afterwards, searches began to peak for Tobuscus and searches for Toby Turner began to decline again.

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