Physics gun/Pimp Gravity Gun

Physics gun/Pimp Gravity Gun

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In the 2004 PC game, Half-Life 2, the player uses a gun with the ability to pick up and throw objects. The Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator, or “gravity gun”, was an iconic weapon in the game.
Over the course of the game the player picks up many weapons such as a shotgun, sub-machinegun, magnumrevolver and R-pg. Near the end of the game The player infiltrates an enemy Citadel where all his weapons are dis-integrated by some sort of security lazer power thing. The one weapon the lazer cannot destroy is of course the Gravity gun. instead the lazers actually Pimp the sh*t out of the Gravity Gun turning it into the Physics Gun, which can pick up and throw enemies around like they’re nothing more than
children’s toys. See an article on Fail.
With this new level of awesome players didn’t really miss the Shot-Gun as the physics gun was scarily fun.

Rather like “My hair is a bird” Physics gun is used in forums to similar effect:

Poster 1: i think that half life 2 was really boring and gay.

Poster 2: Physics Gun. Your argument is invalid.

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