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PokeGods was an early series of copypasta about the first generation of Pokemon games. It described supposed methods of catching extremely powerful, hidden Pokemon, vast majority of which have been completely made up by the authors. PokeGods were one of the first internet urban legends and one of the few that do not fall into the category of creepypasta .

Origins and inspirations

Bugs, glitches and cheat codes

Probably the biggest inspiration for the creators of PokeGods were actual in-game bugs that allowed the player to access some unused portions of code. Player could encounter Mew, battle Profesor Oak and trigger an infamous Missingno glitch. Weird nature of actions required to exploit those bugs combined with the fact that ROM hacking was not popular yet and full game code was largely unknown led to various false assumptions regarding the subject.

Official sources

Some of the supposed PokeGods were actually based on misinterpreted information from Nintendo. ‘Pikablu’ and ‘Pikaflare’ were based on announced second generation Pokemon – Marill and Cyndaquill respectively. Armored Mewtwo from the trailers of Pokemon: The First Movie was rumored to be ‘Mewthree’. Fusion Pokemon – Venustoise from anime and Zapmolcuno from manga were believed to appear in the games. April’s Fool jokes about Luigi and Yoshi appearing in Pokemon games were also believed by some.

‘Real’ PokeGods

The only PokeGod actually appearing in the games was Mew. It was impossible to catch without using cheats or glitches, though it was part of Pokemon canon with actual Pokedex entry and a part in the games’ storyline (Mewtwo, which could be caught after defeating the Elite Four, was its genetically engineered clone). Missingno and related glitch Pokemon were also possible to encounter, although they were not parts of the canon and were only results of flaws in games’ programming.

The legendaries

Although not PokeGods by definition, in Pokemon games (especially the later generations), the legendaries are often portrayed as the deities of Pokemon world. Mew, Celebi, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and others have godlike powers and are shown as parts of games’ mythology. The most obvious example of it is Arceus – the creator of Pokemon world.


It’s not possible to find the first website that provided photoshopped game screenshots and instructions about catching the PokeGods, but the most notable one was probably the Pokemon Factory. Although the website did not try to trick its readers into believing that its fake Pokemon are actual parts of the games, their high quality images of made up Pokedex entries were used on numerous PokeGods websites. Trolls would write fictional methods of encountering said PokeGod and wait for Pokemon fansite owners to copy and paste it onto it. The methods (often reffered to as ‘codes’) were then copied and pasted directly to other personal fansites as ‘nettiquette’ was not yet widespread and posting articles from one website to the other one without creditting the originator was common practice those days. This resulted in many personal fansites containing the fake information, although major websites tended to avoid it, although the legends were hard to debunk because of the way the codes were written.

The codes

The copypastable codes were often written to resemble the methods of triggering the glitches and often shared certain similarities:

  • they involved triggering Missingno glitch, catching all 150 Pokemon and/or beating the Elite Four certain number of times as required conditions to make catching PokeGods possible
  • they involved doing extremely tedious and repetitive tasks like using Itemfinder on every tile in a town, having all Pokemon (including unevolved forms) stored in the PC, talking to certain NPCs in a weird order, catching various Pokemon in a weird order etc.
  • some actions had to be performed a certain (usually very high) number of times
  • to encounter PokeGods, player had to have a very specific party (including specific nicknames and levels)
  • places like the truck near SS Anne, Bill’s garden and inaccessible grass near Pallet Town were used
  • made up evolution stones like Mist Stone were used
  • PokeGod died or escaped instead of fighting, so it disappeared from the party after its health dropped to zero
  • certain events happened in made up, hidden towns
  • crucial information or item was given from Mr. Psychic

Many of those elements were introduced to make debunking of the myths harder (tedious nature of codes discouraged many and their difficulty made it possible to say that failure was due to a small mistake in executing the code). Some of them tried to rationalize the existence of inaccessible parts of the world or canonize the glitches.


This is the cheat I’m working on now. I thought that this code was a real fake at first, but after ‘M’ deleated my red version, I decided to try this code out. Before you attemp this code, buy another red/blue version, just in case you restart the game for nothing. I got this code from a different site that might not be reliable. if you have anymore Skelozard codes, E-Mail me.

To get Skelozard, start the game with Charmander. Level it up in the Varidian Forest untill it is a level 36 Charizard. then continue you game like you always do. When you reach Mount Moon, catch a Zubat and raise it untill it is on level 16. Use the Zubat in your next battle with Gary and use it to faint all his pokemon. continue the journey untill you reach Lavender Town. Your Zubat should be a level 30 Golbat and your Charizard should be on level 40 also. (now here comes the hardest part) Once you reach Lavender Town from the Rock Tunnel, Battle ten ghosts then catch one (By ghost, I don’t mean Gastly, Haunter, or Gengar.) It is possible.Your lineup should be:

Charizard: Lv 40

Golbat: Lv 30

Ghost: Any Level

Finish the game with all 151 Pokemon WITHOUT remoing your Charizard, Golbat, and Ghost from your party. Next, go to Bill’s house with this lineup (in order)

Charizard: Lv 70

Globat: Lv 50

Ghost: Lv 50

Gengar: Lv 50

Arbol: Lv 45

Marowak: Lv 45

Bill will say “Hmmm…….looks like you like ghost pokemon” Then (I thought this was crazy) He will let you through a portal to the spirit world(?) (What the?) You’ll find some very interesting Pokemon, but do that after you catch Skelozard. Go to the tunnel right in front of you and you’ll be at skull mountain. use Flash and Move the boulders to the left and exit the cave. You’ll now face a Lv 200 Skelozard! Once you catch him, stay a while and catch some Pokemon. How you get out of here is unknown, so bring a few escape ropes just in case you can’t find a way out. Good luck!

Final thought:

To avoid losing Skelozard, save the game so you could have multiple shots trying to catch him. A masterball is recomended here (or better yet, many) I is VERY hard to catch him with an Ultra Ball.

You could catch the following pokemon (If the cheat is true):

Gengar Arbok, Marowak, Dugtrio, Hellfire, Firegod, The X, Houou, and Charcolt

From: http://the_pokegods.webs.com/hardtogetpokegods.htm

Get Flareth:

Too get Flareth you have to have 4 Moltres’, and that’s all in your lineup. Then talk to the thirsty girl on the rooftop of the PokeMart in Celadon City 100 times! Then talk to her once more, she will get annoyed with you and give you Flareth to go away.

From: http://maxpages.com/gameboypower/NEW_pokegod_without_gameshark


Have a slowbro, nidoking, and a nidoqueen at level 100. Beat the elite 4 with them twice. Go to pallet town and talk to professor oak. He’ll say something about the mist stone. Do what he says and you will get it. Use it on slowbro and the three of them will form nidogod!

From: http://www.angelfire.com/pokemon/pkmonpalace/pokegods


An evolved form of Mewtwo. You have to go and beat the game with 150 pokemon and never lose a fight through out the whole game. Then go to the Unknown Dungon and go were mewtwo is then save and use escape rope to get out. Surf on the Seafoam Islands and catch a MissingNo. go talk to Gary’s sister 20 times and go back where Mewtwo is and then fight him and as you see it won’t be Mewtwo it will be a evolved form of Mewtwo.Check the name, it should be Altanes.

From: http://www.chuckxc.com/arcanine77/Pokegods_Non_Gameshark


.Follow these Simple steps to catch him! 1.First you must catch all 150 Pokemon NOT I repeat NOT using GameShark. 2. Then you also must have Seventeen of your Pokemon over Level 70. 3. Then when all of these tasks are complete, go to the guy in Pewter City who asks you if you have been to the Museum yet. Say NO so he takes you to the door. 4. Then go into the museum and go upstairs and talk to the Lady who says “I want My boyfriend to catch me a Pikachu!” 5. After you talk to her, immediatly come out of the door and once you come out of the door do not take any steps forward. left, or right. Immediatly use fly and go to Celedon City. 6. Go into the Game Corner and talk to the Lady that says “Go Next Door to the Coin Exchange Corner to use your coins to get great Prizes!” 7. But this time she will say, "Hey? You have all the badges? WOW! Well then since you were nice enough to talk to me, I will give you this Pokemon I found stranded behind then Pokemon Museum, he is so strong I can not control him.But since you have all the badges, YOU TAKE HIM! 8. It will say, “You got ???” Then when you try to use it it will just be like if you were pressing cancel and it will exit every time you click on it. Then go to Proffesor Oak and he will say the same thing he says when you give him Oaks Parcel, it will still say “YOU DELIVERED OAKS PARCEL!” 9. Then when you go into your pokemon line and it will replace the Pokemon in your first slot. So put a spearow or something in first. It will still be called ? so go to the Nickname guy and change it to Pikablu. It has a ElectricWave, Psyshock, and Electrode… Dont ask me why its Electrode but its an awesome move. 10. It is a Level 999 and Pikablu will, Yes it will appear in your Pokedex! After 150 it will say 154 and then you look at the Pokedex Info and it will look like this… Name: Pikablu Type: ??? Height: 2" 3" Length: 3" 4" Stats: Attack-999 Defense-999 Speed-999 Special-999 Attacks: ElectricWave Psyshock Electrode SonicBoom When you get 60,000 more experience points after catching it It Learns SonicBoom when you gain around 60, 000 experience points and it kills any pokemon in one hit and it never misses!

From: http://www.chuckxc.com/arcanine77/Pokegods_Non_Gameshark


The concept of PokeGods later became the subject of numerous parody videos, pictures and websites. PokeGods were also hacked into the games by hobbyists. A few examples:



For many people, the first generation Pokemon games seemed very mysterious. This, and the fact that in late 90s internet was filled with newcomers and it was much harder to verify information than today, led to creation of many rumors. Theories about PokeGods were spreading incredibly fast and website owners tried to include as many of them as possible on their Pokemon-themed fansites. Nowadays, this meme is nearly forgotten, though it was extremely popular before the arrival of second generation games. It is notable as one of the first fandom legends to spread through the internet and is an interesting example about how many websites looked and worked back in the day.


The pages listed above and:

  • http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UrbanLegendOfZelda
  • http://www.angelfire.com/pokemon2/animerpg/rumors.html
  • http://www.pokemonplatinum.net/forum/index.php?topic=1971.0

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