Real Ultimate Power Parodies

Real Ultimate Power Parodies

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Real Ultimate Power Parodies are webpages that are designed to mock the ridiculous tone of voice used on Real Ultimate Power, a facetious website written under the pseudonym Robert Hamburger who mimics the language skills of a 13-year old boy to express his unfathomable love for ninjas. Some of the most commonly parodies components include the 3 Facts of Ninjas, Weapons & Gear, Testimonial and Q&A sections of the original homepage.

The Real Ultimate Power website is also well known for being the originator of the Ninjas versus Pirates debate.


The Three Facts of Ninjas

1. Ninjas are mammals.
2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of a ninja is to flip out and kill people.

Real Ultimate Power is a website written in 2002 by a writer under the pseudonym Robert Hamburger, who used the persona of a 13-year old boy to satire an expression of love for ninjas. The website gained a lot of attention when a fictional lawsuit was brought against it by a mother who said that it had corrupted her child, but the “charges” were eventually dropped.


Dead Sites

Those above are just a few of the websites once dedicated to these parodies.

Brian, of City Net Magazine, lists some others that have passed away.

“Sorority Girls (It was hilarious but now it’s gone! Doh!!), Physicists, Sloths, Accountants, Short Asian Girl, Speaker Hos, Conan O’Brien, Bush (2 of them!), Democratic Candidate, Lumberjacks, Hippies, Tigers, Skeedzor, Raptors, Terrorists, Senators, Wizard, Alan, Mike Solberg, Kylie Minogue, Make your own RUP, Real Ultimate Power Cornell Students, Baldwin Brothers, Vaginas, Brian Brohm, George W. Bush, Used Condoms (gross!), Linus Torvalds, Aircraft Carrier, USA, Khym Forum Poster, Bare Axx, James Madison, Koko, Foos, Jenny, Southern Girl, Taco, Americans, Time Cube, Box of Wine, Dragon, Texas A&M Aggies, Tom chin, Techno, Mahler, Opera the Browser, College Students, Ninja Meatwad Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Kevin Federline (Mr. Britney Spears), Elton John, Dead Philosophers, Squids, Yoopers, Jansson, Sam, Vanilla, Abe, Sean, Dragoon, Hackers, Jackalope, vegetarians, Vintage Motorcycle, Pilgrims, Gay Guy, Real Ultimate Power Computer Science Guy, Ben, Curling, Michael Jackson, Lawyers, Commando (Ah-nold!), Mrs. Uboh, Real Ultimate Power Bums, SARS, Space Robots, Photographers, Hobos, Shaman, Ricer, Mechanics, Square RPGs,Samurai, Blue Party, Yi, Fidel Castro, Gypsy, Geek, Fan Film, Director, Deceiving Demons, Scott Saval, Charver, Newgrounds Spam, Martin Luther, Ravers, Tool, Rednecks, DJ Thief, Kate, Stefanie, Michael Jackson, Furby, Minpin, Lawn Wranglers, Suit, Liberals, Liquor Store Clerk, Real Ultimate Power Huey Lewis, Electrical Engineer, Engineer, Paintballers, Physicists, Librarians, Econ Major, Boa, Zombies, Butchers, Hoes, Kory Smith, Shirts with Balls, Space Elevators, Bobby Sixkiller, Fat Girls, Goth / Emo, Wombat, Saxon, Captain Marvel, Mullet Man, Internet, Black Momma, Zeppelin, Commie, Programmers, Korean Guy, Science Guy, Mathematicians, Shotty, Big Tymers, Kool-Aid Man, Hello Kitty, WoCN, Mecha-Streisand (South Park).”

Interview with Robert Hamburger

Article About Real Ultimate Power: The Book

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