Rev Up Those Friers

Rev Up Those Friers

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/v/, 4chan’s video game imageboard, is often said as being /b/ with video games. It is the second mostly populated board on 4chan, and alot of the threads are not even about video games, and the ones that are mostly are Pokemon, Monster Hunter, or Minecraft threads. And alot of the stuff stays, as /v/ has a severe lack of mods, even though it is an extremely populated board. That being said, it is no wonder that a meme that has absolutely nothing to do with video games started out on a video games board.

The meme in question is from an episode of the television Spongebob Squarepants episode Argh! in which a fish walks into the Krusty Krab, and says the phrase “Rev up those friers, cause I am sure hungry for one-” before being thrown out of the restraunt by Mr. Krabs, and yells the commonly known line from the Spongebob series: “My Leg!” (intrestingly, before he even hits the ground.)

On an unkown date in late June/early July, a clever /v/irgin thought it would be funny if he was to screencap an image of this situation in the episode and posted it on /v/. The post was of this articles picture with text accomponying, saying: “Rev up those PS3s, cause I sure am ready to play some games!” (a common saying on /v/).

All hell broke loose.

The thread was filled to the brim with witty pictures of Spongebob episode caps, with text fitting the image that the episode was in, but edited to make jokes about the PS3’s lack of games. And once the thread hit the image limit, another thread was made with the exact same image and text. The image of the fish caught on, and pretty soon became a known site in /v/. It wasn’t long before it leaked into other boards, and is now a known (not exactly welcomed…) meme among 4chan’s boards.

The image along with witty text about the board it is in, is commonly posted in a board, and an image of Patrick saying “Why don’t we take this thread… AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!” is posted later on in the thread, and a link to another board with another thread of the same fish. And the cycle continues for all the boards, much to the dismay of the boards denizens.

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