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LOLbucket is an app for iPhone developed by Derek, which first hit the app store in early 2012. In its current build, the images are all uploaded by users (with the exception of admin posts) which then either get liked and promoted into the ‘Popular’ section, or demoted/disliked and removed from the app (usually for not being funny or irrelevant).

In the beginning, the app consisted of developer uploaded images put into several categories. The first builds were buggy and lacked user integration (including the ‘User Upload’ section, which didn’t update until the next day), and were soon fixed as slowly the community began to rise out of the comment section. There was no account feature yet, so many people ended their post with -(Insert Name Here) for reference, and a Like/Dislike system was added also, but the user uploading was abused, with users posting MLP and pornography en mass (Leading to the eventual banning of Pony material). Also, users exceed at identifying reposts, but their efforts were soon unable to change the reposters minds, leading to the creation of a Repost Filter for user uploads.

Soon, the next build came changing the app to a full-time user based app, with new pictures coming constantly from the ever waiting users. The old categories could be accessed through the ‘Archives’ and also included Like/Dislike and commenting. The build still had the presence of bugs, such as being unable to remove/delete an account requiring anything related to so had to be emailed directly to the Admins Derek and Finch.

Bucketman became a prominent character in the community, constantly posting great material (to the point where the app crashed while viewing his profile) and also posted vivid comments. Soon a “Bucketman for Admin” campaign was launched. Constantly users uploaded campaign images for him (Although he took no part in it) begging Derek to make him an Admin too, which only seemed to be gaining the attention of Finch. A few days later, Bucketman had been banned for unknown reason, showing that the Report tool had been abused because of its programming (After so many reports, the user is automatically banned). In the end, Bucketman soon found his glory when he was found to be the new Admin! Cheer and praise swept the community for his great achievement as he had climbed the ranks to glory.

Finally (after some tough reviewing time of the new update, which was a day pornography was uploaded) the most recent update has been released, featuring a clean and easy to use interface with a fixed ‘Likes and Commented’ section. Shown most prominently is the users knowledge of other users and seemingly ‘stereotypes’ between them.

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