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Salty Bet is a betting site based on the free-to-play fighting game, M.U.G.E.N. A continuous live stream of A.I. controlled M.U.G.E.N. fights, as well as a chat feed is provided through Twitch. The stream is also known as Salty’s Dream Cast Casino.


Fights occur between hundreds of community generated characters, often with wildly differing stats and moves (i.e. Goku from Dragon Ball Z vs. The Powerpuff Girls). Visitors to the site may watch and bet on the randomly chosen fights, using a free digital currency called Salty Bucks. Players placing Salty Bucks on characters can expect a payout upon that character winning, and vice versa. At the beginning of a fight, odds are displayed as well as a calculated payout.

Membership on the site is free, as well as full betting privileges. A paid subscription to the site allows for players to maintain a minimum of $666 Salty Bucks, access to a database of character statistics, as well as changes to the accounts on-site appearance.

The background music during matches consists of an eclectic soundtrack including video game music, classic rock, rap, etc. Occasionally, the site provides A.I. controlled tournaments with a theme (i.e. all Pokemon).


Salty Bet has developed it’s own slang in the attached Twitch chat (often for humorous effect). For example:

- ALWAYS BET/NEVER BET DBZ/WAIFU/etc. (participants in the Twitch chat may try to influence bets by claiming character superiority. More often than not, chat will promote weaker characters in order to sway payouts in favor of stronger characters)

- REALEST/FAKEST (owing to the large amount of duplicate characters, and their varying stats, players will refer to good models as “real” and poor models as “fake”. This terminology can also be applied to the outcome of a game)

- POTATO (a derogatory term for any weak or duplicate character. Nearly synonymous with “fake” in most circumstances. As many characters are community created and submitted, they may have unusual stats)

- SALT/SALT MINES (salt is used to refer to the in-site Salty Bucks. Players who lose a significant amount due to poor betting are said to be working their way out of the “salt mines”)

As with any chat room, internet slang is prevalent. For example, “Waifu” is used much as it is elsewhere. Features seemingly unique to Salty Bet are a borderline irrational fondness for Darude’s “Sandstorm”, and the ever present Duane dancing.gif

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