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SCP Foundation[1] is a creative writing wiki centered around pseudo-realistic supernatural reports. The site allows members to author entries detailing experiences focusing on powerful objects and entities that are considered scientific anomalies and often pose a significant hazard to human health or society. SCP is an abbreviation for the phrase “special containment procedures” and the site’s motto “secure contain protect.”[13]


The SCP series is rumored to have started in a thread containing information regarding SCP-173 on the /x/ (paranormal) board on the imageboard 4chan in 2007. The SCP Wiki was founded in 2008 on an Editthis Wiki, and numerous similar articles were subsequently added to the database. The site later moved to Wikidot due to content and moderation restrictions. As of August 2013, the database holds over 1000 entries of fictional anomalous objects.


The Foundation

In the fictional universe, the SCP Foundation is an organization with a murky past with numerous doctors, researchers and agents aiming to understand and catalog anomalous objects and keep them from getting into the wrong hands. Recruited death row inmates known as “D-Class personnel” are used to test dangerous objects and are terminated at the first of every month. The Foundation occasionally runs into other groups, such as the Global Occult Coalition and the Church of the Broken God.

Object Classification

SCP objects are classified into three main categories of safety: Safe, for understood objects which can be left alone with no major consequences; Euclid, for not well-understood objects which may cause containment breaches if not actively watched; and Keter, for dangerous objects that will break containment and do harm unless they are surveyed 24/7, and may cause an end-of-the-world scenario. Several SCP entries include audio-logs, interview transcripts and test logs.

Notable SCPs


SCP-173[2] was the first SCP object written and served as the inspiration for the project. SCP-173 is described to be a statue-like entity that cannot move while in direct eyesight and can kill by breaking the neck of a victim if not observed, similar to the behavior of the Weeping Angels from the British television series Doctor Who. The original sculpture which the SCP was based upon was created by Japanese artist Izumi Kato.[3]SCP-173 is the first SCP to be written, and the original author did not expect it to expand to the Foundation today.[4]


SCP-682 is a sentient, indestructible and highly adaptive reptilian creature that the Foundation repeatedly attempts to destroy. Descriptions iare often accompanied by picture dating back to a news article in 2006.[4]SCP-682 is resistant to almost any attempt to destroy it and the Foundation test logs indicate that it grows immune to every attempt.


SCP-231-7 is described as a young girl rescued from a “Sex Cult” and impregnated with an unknown entity. The only way of suppressing its birth is through Procedure-110 Montauk, which is never described in detail, but heavily implied to involve some sort of sexual torture. The entry is famous for its heavy use of censorship regarding the girl, the procedure and the effects of past failures with other objects of similar properties.[5]

Other Features

In addition, the site contains several derivative varieties of SCPs, including joke SCPs and decommissioned SCPs. The SCP Foundation website also hosts a variety of stories known as “Foundation Tales.”[11]


Fan Videos

Many YouTubers have created mockumentary videos inspired by the series, as well as readings from various entries on the site.

SCP Games

Several games based on SCPs are under production, including Area-34[15] and SCP-682[16]. One of the most popular games is SCP: Containment Breach[12] developed by Regalis. The game revolves around a containment breach of SCP-173 and involves SCP-106 and SCP-914 among others. Another game, featuring the exploration of SCP-087, lets the player explore the seemingly endless stairs of SCP-087. Neither of these games are produced by or affiliated with the Wiki but many members have shown support for their development.

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Mister J
Mister J

OK, I’m gonna start up this article now. But before I start I would like to say thank fellow moderators ██████ and ████████████ for introducing me to this site, as well as [EXPUNGED]. While I know that many are unfamiliar with [EXPUNGED]. I think that ██████ isn’t really █████ and should be ██████████.



I watched three men die because one man sneezed in a room full of blood and shit and light.
three more men go in, cheap mops and each other’s lives in their hands.
I watched a man I admired gunned down for leaving a rose for a girl whose life was tattered by trauma she never deserved.
she doesn’t remember, and three halls down I can hear her screaming.
I watched a group of soldiers go down fighting against the corpses of comrades who’d died before them.
we test another sample, this time on children.
I watched five men and women gunned down in an abandoned factory no one cares about.
it happens again and again. Every eleven seconds. Forever.
I watched a man sit comfortably in a nice armchair, sipping scotch and laughing as he ordered a woman to simply stop breathing.
he gets the day off of work detail for good behavior.
I watched hundreds of men and women in orange jumpsuits herded like animals into empty rooms that filled with gas and fire.
hundreds more are told they have a chance for a lighter sentence, and a chance to serve their country.
I watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. Sometimes we would have had time to scream.
I’m alive to write about it. You want happy endings? Fuck you.
You’re alive to read it.
God help us all.
Secure. Contain. Protect.


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