Slow Loris' Victory Pose with UC

Slow Loris' Victory Pose with UC

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Slow Loris’ Victory Pose, also known as “Guts-Pose Inmu-Kun Series” (Japanese: ガッツポーズ淫夢くんシリーズ) on the Japanese web, is a series of remix videos based on a clip of a slow loris stretching and raising one arm and “UNICORN”, the main theme of an original anime video title in the Gundam series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn[1] .


UNICORN” is an orchestral arrangement written by Japanese composer Hiroyuki Sawano[2] (shown below, left) and released as part of the original soundtrack for Gundam Unicorn in February 2010. However, the actual origin of this fad was not the song itself, but an unrelated video of people petting a slow loris door posted to YouTube by Alex Gavrilov in 2007 (shown below, right).

On November 28th, 2011, This slow loris video was resubmitted to Nico Nico Douga[3] by one of the Inmufags, or fans of the Japanese gay porn meme A Midsummer Night’s Lewd Dream. Because a slow loris appeared on the title image of their favorite gay porn video, Inmufags consider slow loris as a sort of their mascot. They call slow loris by a nickname “Inmu-kun” (淫夢くん, lit. Lewd Dream Boy) and like to collect slow loris videos to their home ground and fill comments by their favorite silly inside jokes.


The trigger video of this series, “Inmu-Kun Win a Victory with UC” (完全勝利した淫夢くんUC), was uploaded to NND on February 28th, 2012. It was an audio-dubbing parody enhancing the climax moment of this slow loris fist raising by “UNICORN”. This video had reached over one million views after 15 months of its upload, driven by its epic rendition and the cult following from Inmufags.

Inspired by this video, many Inmufags and other NND users soon began mimicking this style and combining other songs with this slow loris to make it more epic. Those videos formed a series of audio-dubbed parody videos named “Guts-Pose Inmu-Kun series” because fist raising like this slow loris is usually called Guts-Pose[4] in Japanese language.

UNICORN” Remixes

However, by January 2013, the focal point of the remix series had shifted from the slow loris video to the Gundam theme song. One of the earliest mashups set to “Unicorn” is “Ms Shoko haida Win a Victory over Children with UC,” which featured the devastating drawing skill of Ms. Haida, the creator of Devil Spoo. Oftentimes, audio-dubbing videos featuring “UNICORN” are named by the phrasal template “X Win a Victory with UC” (完全勝利した X UC).

As of July 2013, there are more than a thousand parodies of the slow loris video and “UNICORN” tagged under “Guts-Pose Inmu-Kun Series” on Nico Nico Douga.[5] In addition, the popularity of Inmu-Kun also spread to the Japanese illustrator communities pixiv[6] and Nico Nico Seiga,[7] leading to a collection fan art illustrations based on the slow loris’ Guts-pose.

Notable Examples

Slow Loris Parodies

Left: Another Gundam Unicorn Song | Right: METAL GEAR SOLID 3

Left: Cooking | Right: Robot

UNICORN” Parodies

Left: TDN from A Midsummer Night’s Lewd Dream | Right: Walk-Off Homer by Michihiro “Guts” Ogasawara[8]

Left: Japanese mascot Funassyi | Right: Koyomi Araragi from Monogatari Series


Search Interest

Google Trends shows that the word “Inmu-Kun” spiked in March 2012 and February 2013, presumably due to the popularity of the “X Win a Victory with UC” videos.

External References

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The focus of this entry is a video of a slow loris being petted (which isn’t animal cruelty) remixed to music and other fanworks based on it. It is a video of one loris, not a collection of multiple being abused. Both cases are irrelevant to each other. These videos support what you’re describing just as much as the Downfall Parodies support Nazi Germany. In other words: They don’t. When a random stranger looks at these videos, “oh jeez I should probably support illegal slow loris trade now” is most likely one of the last things he’ll think of.

Cullen Martinez, your help is appreciated, but it’s unlikely we’ll add a section about the suggestion you send us. As you noticed as well, the two cases aren’t relevant to a point that it should be added.


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