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Smile HD is a YouTube Video was been Uploaded by MisterDavie in Aug 24, 2013 that was been use of a Popular Cartoon Animated called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and a Same Music by Foozogz. This Video have a Blood, Gore and Horror Scenes that Pinkie Pie is Killing at her Friends after the Video it got’s a 5 Million Views and 60,000 Likes. The video starts with a fake disclaimer. According to the video description, the premise is that after having her friends always laughing at her, Pinkie Pie finally decides to show them how much they mean to her.


The Video Starts with Pinkie running through a field to get to her friends, Twilight, Rarity and Applejack, who are relaxing on a checkered blanket. Twilight spots her and does a friendly wave. After getting close enough, Pinkie jumps up and kicks Twilight’s head clean off. Rarity and Applejack watch in horror. Pinkie then leaps in the air and smashes Rarity’s head, exposing her brain.

Pinkie then kicks Applejack into a tree and brutally beats her (to the point where her face looks puffed up and bloody), Applejack doing nothing but crying. Rainbow Dash spots Pinkie and zooms in the air and back picking Pinkie in the head at Sonic Rainboom power. As Pinkie seemingly is dead, her Kill-O-Meter rises to “You’re F**ked” as she gets up and vaporizes Applejack in a beam of energy. Pinkie then uppercuts Rainbow in the air and hits her down to the ground, she then races down to Rainbow and lands on her stomach, causing Rainbow’s guts and organs to pour from her mouth in an ironic Rainbow fashion, killing her. Fluttershy then arrives and gasps in horror. Pinkie then shoots a blast at Fluttershy, seemingly killing her. At that moment, Pinkie’s smile turns into a distorted tearful frown, it’s unknown if the tears where because of remorse or the undying urge to kill aging.

However, Fluttershy pops out and gives Pinkie a viscous, brutal beat down. Just as it seems she is going to win, Pinkie grabs the song’s text and whacks Fluttershy to the ground. Pinkie then makes a Spirit Bomb (Dubbed "Smile Bomb by fans) type energy ball and hurls it at Fluttershy. Fluttershy screams in agony as her flesh melts, exposing her tissues and veins. Pinkie smiles one more time as the entire Earth explodes, killing all of them, including Pinkie and the Video End.


Smile HD have a Mix to Positive or Negative Views that Pinkie is been Brutally Killing at Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy that all the Bronies was Scared for this Video so their give it a Negative Response at MisterDavie for what he was Done.

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