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Speakonia Rants

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Speakonia Rants are crappy fad videos made by trolls on YouTube. They envolve someone using Speakonia to rant of stuff they hate. Most of them are less than a minute long and the only reason why they hate someting because it’s popular. They are so stupid like they say they should change the title like Wreck-It Ralph or My Little Pony: Friendship is magic to Suck-It Ralph or My Little Faggot: Friendship is Shitty and should be an adult show or movie, or a movie like The Shawshank Redemption should be a kids movie, and it makes abosultely no sense. They also call people who like the stuff they hate faggots or retarded. near the end of the rants they go "You know who likes this (movie, show, or game), (cartoon character that they hate or from something they hate who isn’t even real, mostly Lucy Van Pelt). Then they go onto stuff like fuck One Direction, fuck GoAnimate,fuck SpongeBob, fuck My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, fuck Gravity Falls, fuck Wreck-It Ralph, fuck Littlest Pet Shop, fuck Nintendo, and fuck Peanuts and Lucy Van Pelt, and other stuff that have nothing to do with the rant subject. Sometimes they go like (these shows or movies) are one trillion times better than this god awful (show/movie). Most people who make these tend to have avatars of something they hate with a red X or no symbol put through it, like the icon for this article or the pictures below. Most of the people who make these also most of the time like and/or make Grounded Videos, Reaction Videos, and USER Videos. The biggest problem with these videos is that there all over YouTube.

People Who Make These
Wreckitralphsucks712, OfficerShrek2013, or OfficerShrek2013alt
Simpsons99Swell or HomerAllTheWay
ModernMusicSucksCock or any of Josh Markey’s accounts
XShadComedianX or TheShadsGroundings

Pretty Much Explains Everthing
Typical Speakonia Video Rant:
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