Spitting while Kissing (キス唾)

Spitting while Kissing (キス唾)

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Spitting While Kissing (Japanese: キスをしながら唾を吐け, Kisu wo Shinagara Tsuba wo Hake), usually called “Kiss-Tsuba” (キス唾) for short, is a series of hand-drawn animated videos of many characters in various anime/manga series spitting while kissing along with lyrics of the song “Tenohira” (掌, eng. Palm of Hand) by a Japanese pop group Mr. Children.[1] It’s one of the most popular templates for fanworks among female users in both Nico Nico Douga (NND) and pixiv.


The original video in this series titled “Spitting while Kissing” was posted to NND on November 12th, 2008[2] by user cdm who had also triggered a similar hand-drawn animation meme Panchira Series in the summer of that year. This hand-drawn animated video comically reproduces lyrics of the song by Nozomi Kasuga and Taira no Tomomori from 2004 Japanese Otome game[3]Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3.[4] In addition, it has a parody of Nice Boat. in the end of footage. That is a metaphor means forthcoming scenes is censored because it has mature contents inappropriate for broadcasting. That is a metaphor meaning the forthcoming scene has been censored because it has mature contents which are inappropriate for broadcasting.

Japanese (Romanaized) Translation
kata wo yoseru you ni shite ai wo utatteiru

daita hazu ga tsukitobashite
tsutsumu hazu ga kirikizande
naderu tsumori ga hikkaite
mata ai motomeru

doko de machigatta ka nante
kangaeteru hima mo nakute
demo kotae ga nakya fuan de

sore de subarashii

kisu shinagara tsuba wo haite
nameru tsumori ga kamitsuite
kiseta tsumori ga hikisaite
singing love like they’re leaning into one another

I meant to hold you but blew you away
meant to wrap around you, but cut you to pieces
meant to caress you but scratched you up
and again, I seek love

There’s no time to think
that we might’ve made a mistake somewhere
but we can’t relax without the answer

that would be grand

Spit while kissing
meant to lick but bit
meant to put it on you but tore it up
Nice Boat
honjitu ha nico nico douga ni goakusesu itadaki makotoni arigatougozaimasu.

taihen mousiwake arimasenn ga kono douga wa uneisha ga hutekisetsu na naiyou to handan sitatame goran ni narukoto ga dekimasen.

mata no goakusesu wo omachi shiteorimasu.
Thank you for accessing Nico Nico Douga.

This video can’t be watched due to admin’s decision that it has inappropriate contents.

Please access again.


This well-made animated video caught much attention on NND partly due to much approval from the followers that the creator got by the success of Panchira Series. Then, they began making their own “Spitting while Kissing” video by tracing cdm’s original one with their favorite characters around March 2009.[5] Particularly, many Yaoi, or BL (Boys’ Love), editions have been created since it became one of the most popular templates for fanworks among Fujoshi[6], female otakus deeply addicted to homosexual shipping.[7]

As of July 2013, the amount of those normal/Yaoi videos in this series is more than 1,000 in total. And half of them are Yaoi editions. On YouTube, many of them are reuploaded, and also some non-Japanese people’s instances can be found.[8]

In addition, many hundreds or thousands illustrations related to Spitting while Kissing are posted to both online illustrators communities deviantART[9] and pixiv.[10]

Commercial Success

The user, cdm, succeeded to earn much of fame on the video sharing service by Spitting while Kissing and other hand-dran animated videos. Finally, the fame led this amateur illustrator to the commercial media.

On August 2010, he started to release a comic book series Chōyaku Hyakunin isshu: Uta Koi[11] and succeeded to debut as a professional mangaka Kei Sugita.

Notable Examples

Left: Final Fantasy[12] | Right: Ib[13]

Left: Attack on Titan[14] | Right: Fullmetal Alchemist[15]

Yaoi Edition

Left: Durarara!![16] | Right: Tiger & Bunny[17]

Left: El Shaddai[18] | Right: Death Note


Search Interest

External References

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