Statuses from the 90's (and from other decades)

Statuses from the 90's (and from other decades)

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An israeli meme that started to spread in November 2011. Five facebook users, all of them in their 20’s, created the page “Statusim Mishnot Ha’Tish’im” (Statuses from the 90’s). This page actually shows some kind of alternative history: what would have happened if Facebook was founded back in the 90’s?

The page grew quickly and became popular in Israel, with more than 7,000 likes in less than a week, and articels in media sources such as the israeli well-known newspaper Haaret’z, and the site HolesInTheNet.

Shortly after that page was founded, dozens of spin-offs appeared, taking the same principle to another decades and places: from Statuses from the 80’s and Statuses from 2030, to pages like Statuses from the Ghetto and Statuses from the Middle Earth. However, Statuses from the 90’s is still the most popular of them.

Some of the statuses in the page refer to the israeli culture, but some of them are more “international” (like: “Damn, how can I convert all my cassetes to disks now?” or “Finally got rid off my pager, no more annoying text messages”).

Many of the statuses include black humor and an ironic point of view, like “Wow, I can see any place in Manhattan from here” and even “This kid Gilad Shalit (the israeli soldier that was captured by Hamas) from our school is such a nerd, no matter what happens he will never be popular”.

The basic rule of the page is that you can’t discuss about things that happens in the present or happened after 1999. If you do, someone will call you “a prophet” – the worst insult in a page like this.

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