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Atheists and creationists have always been at war for questions such as “where does the universe come from” and “how did life begin”. This age old argument is now at its peak point, since atheist and creationist vloggers from around YouTube have arguing with each other through vlogs and video responses.


In 2006, Richard Dawkins published a best-selling controversial book called The God Delusion.

This book has sparked supporters and non-supporters to express their views on the internet. The battle between atheists and creationists has started mainly on YouTube.

The Atheists Views: Thunderf00t and the Why Do People Laugh At Creationists video series

One of the most popular atheist YouTubers is a user named Thunderf00t. His video series Why Do People Laugh At Creationists has an over 100,000 viewcount on each video. The main focus of the videos is to explain why science is right and the bible is wrong and why creationists cannot think logically.

The Whole Series (Playlist)

The Creationist Views: VenomFangX

One of the most well known and most mocked by atheists creationist on YouTube is a user called VenomFangX. His videos express his views against Evolution and other scientific concepts:

His videos have sparked many responses as a result of the holes scientist atheist find on his videos:

Other atheist/creationist YouTubers

Many YouTube users followed, supporting or dissing evolution or the bible. On of the creationists’ video that was of most interest to atheists was Ray Comfort’s “The Atheists’ Nightmare” video, referring to a banana:

Ray Comfort was then referred to as The Banana Man. The video was ridiculed by Thunderf00t:

Questions Every Christian/Atheist must answer

A series of videos called “Questions Every Christian/Atheist must answer” began spreading on YouTube. On of the most popular ones was Philos71 (creationist) video:

This had several responses as a result:

GIIVideo (God Is Imaginary Video) has also created a questions video addressing to christians:

Video responses:

Athiest comedy: Edward Current

While atheists and creationists are at war as to who is right, some decided to take it to a comedic level. An example of this is Edward Current. Edward Current is an atheist but in his videos he seems to be a true believer in god and the bible, but in reality he is performing satire:

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I’m a Christian and I can laugh at religion-based memes. They don’t denounce religion so much as they poke fun at it, as far as I’m concerned. I am aware of the large atheist presence online, but I think we can coexist. It’s interesting that there are so many memes that have to do with religion, but probably don’t make it “Denouncing.” +1 Deadpool.


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