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The ‘Imma YouTube Channels’, were a conglomeration/community of many different YouTube channels, with each individual channel being dedicated to one specific character or show. However, there are many channels that were dedicated to the same show or character. Many of the videos on these channels showcased short clips from episodes that, when taken out of context, appeared very humorous.
h1. Origin

In 2009 a youtuber named “ImmaVegeta” joined and started posting short, meaningless clips of Vegeta from Dragonball Z talking, fighting, or making noises. Later on in 2011 some people picked up on this idea, and began to upload clips of other characters from a variety of different shows. Most commonly the characters used were from Dragonball z, or other well known anime series, such as Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist. “ImmaSeru” and “ImmaNappa” as well as many others began to rise in popularity.

Different Types

There are actually several different classes, or types, of Imma Channels on YouTube. The two main classes include the, ‘Major’ and the ‘Minor’. While there are many other classifications by show and fanbase which result in the organizing of small ‘sub groups’. The two most notable sub classes are those based around Dragon Ball and My Little Pony.

Major Immas

Major Immas, which tend to be based on and around Dragon Ball and have comparatively high numbers of subscribers, views, comments, etc. Some of the most notable Major Immas include:

ImmaVegeta (resurrected)

ImmaNappa (deceased)

ImmaKai1 (resurrected)

ImmaKrillin (deceased)

ImmaGoten (alive and on hiatus)

ImmaGoku1 (alive and on hiatus)

ImmaGTBaby (aliveand on hiatus)

ImmaSSJ4Gogeta (alive and on hiatus)

ImmaFMABrotherhood (alive and on hiatus)

IMMAPICCOLO (alive and active)

SuperVegitoSSJ2 (alive and active)

ElongatedVowels (alive and active)

Minor Immas

In contrast, the minor Immas are those who have far fewer subscribers. These are usually those who use non-DBZ characters for their channels. The channels that are labeled as ‘Minor’, usually have 500 or fewer subscribers. Here is a list of a few of the Minor Immas:

ImmaBlossom (Off and on)

ImmaHeMan (Alive and active)

ImmaShepard (Deceased)

ImmaKaiGoku (Deceased)

IMMAEDEDDNEDDY (Alive and active)

ImmaAku1 (Alive and active)

ImmaCornFlakes (SPY!)

… as well as many others

Pony Immas

The Pony Immas are just as their name suggests… Immas dedicated to the show popular among little girls and grown men. As with everything else that is touched by MLP, the Pony Immas are a class all their own. They are able to have smaller group collaborations that don’t extend to the entirety of the Imma community, and therefore are very effective in getting done what is expected to be done. Some of these major ponies are:

ImmaTwilightSparkle (Alive and on hiatus)

ImmaTrixiez (Deceased)

ImmaFluttershy (Alive and active)

ImmaRainbowDash (Alive and active)

ImmaCelestia (Alive and on hiatus)

ImmaAppleJack (Alive and active)

ImmaSpike1 (Alive and active)

ImmaRarity (Alive and active)

ImmaPrincessCadance (Alive and active)

ImmaShiningArmor (Alive and active)

Imma Collab

The Imma Collaborations (usually shortened ‘Imma Collab’) are inter-channel projects/contest, where one imma in particular will post a video explaining how said Collab will go down. Usually the Imma Collabs are very simple in nature, such as asking fellow Immas to submit videos of the character, or show, that they represent. These submissions are usually clips from the Imma’s respective show, with a popular song added, as well as the clip being edited to move the characters in rhythm to the song.
Other Collabs can be intricate and somewhat complex. These are usually the contests, in which one is asked to write a fanfic, or draw a picture of whatever the contest may be about, and then mail, or email the submission to the contest holder. The prize is usually no more than a video being dedicated to the contest winner.

Imma Friends

These individuals, while not being Immas themselves, are eternally intertwined within the universe of the Immas. Some of these names are fairly recognizable:





… and a few others.

Recent Developments

The Decline

Around the summer of 2012, the Imma Community started to experience a significant drop in activity with many of the major and original channels leaving to pursue other endeavors in life. This caused a lack of interest in the community as a whole and many began to question how long the community would last. Although much of the YouTube community began to pay less and less attention to the Immas, those who held the rights to the material being used were more than eager to make their presence known. Even though copyright infringement had been a recurring issue within the Immas from the very beginning, but not quite like this. Many of the Dragon Ball Immas suffered the horror of their channels being suspended, or even permanently deleted. This only furthured the thought of the death of Immas. Several of these major immas returned to their channels to tell their loyal subscribers and fellow Immas that the ‘Imma community is dead.’

Resurgence and New Life

After what seemed to many to be the end of community all together, a new wave of Immas surfaced to replace those who had fallen or given up hope. New interest in the community arose within the perusers of YouTube, and many began to make their own channels or become avid followers of the Immas, some of which have been deemed to be ‘annoying and useless.’ The followers have gained the title of ‘Imma groupies.’ The groupies are usually met with either open acceptance or harsh rejection. These rejections are among the leading cause of recent ‘wars’ within the Imma community. However, as of Fall 2012, the community has not been able to regain the popularity it once had.

War and (brief) Peace

As the Immas struggled to regain their lost fans, new ones began to sprout up, and were quickly deemed to be ‘the groupies.’ Those who were met with rejection retaliated with comments and videos, and the Immas in response made their own comments and videos. Some of these wars were originally a disagreement between just one Imma and one groupie. However once the disagreement escalates into full blown reaction videos, others begin to take notice, and eventually almost everyone in the community becomes involved one way or another. Perhaps the most infamous of these wars was between ImmaKrillin and the groupie known as DBZbrawler64. Brawler was accused of stealing videos from ImmaKrillin and other Immas, and was met with a stiff reaction from ImmaKrillin. After many reaction videos and comment chains, a war had erupted. This ‘war’ lasted for several weeks and eventually ended in DBZbrawler64 terminating his account. Ironically ImmaKrillin’s account was later terminated on the grounds of copyright infringement just a few weeks later. Since this, small wars between Immas and groupies have been common place, as well as small wars between two or more Immas with no groupies involved at all. Theses battles usually last up to three days, but are commonly shorter. In between these small skirmishes, short terms of rest and peace exist within the Immas. Again these periods are short and usually only last a day or two, after which someone will find something unacceptable in someone else, and a new fight will begin.

Current Status and the Future

As of Fall 2012 the Imma community has a new face than it did at its inception. New Immas now grace the surface of the community, and those who helped to create the community have faded into the background. The community is braving a new frontier, but it will have to face its own demons before it can move forward and regain its lost luster.

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