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Well boys… the times come and go…

It’s is getting quiet over at the pone cringe blogs.

Anti-brony brotherhood is dead.
Fuck-no-derpibooru is shutting down
Fuck-no-MLP is dead
Dumb-deviantart-pony-drama is run by extreme SJW’s who use ‘’cis-white scum’’ as insults.
Bronydramarecorded went nowhere
fnomylittleponyfandom is dead
wtfponyfanfiction is dead
Cleo the Griffin is dead
BronieswithPonies is dead
Theshitbroniesdo is dead

BUT BRONYSTUPIDITY LIVES ON, recording the dumbest shit done by Bronies ánd their haters.

And we will live on.


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Also, I think it is a problem because if it is different then it is a problem. If one member does something that wouldn’t satisfy most people, then haters would use it to justify their hate. Overall, I just think that people should just stop fighting and if they do have a problem, they should contact the individuals instead of scapegoating an entire group and contact them in a non-aggressive way. Really complaining about this shows no gain instead of making people angry over no reason.


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Yea every fandom has its rabid fans and haters. Eventually the rabid ones disappear, because either its pointless or that the show is no longer going crazy over since its been here for a while and the idea is normalized whether people like to admit or not.


I just wanted to say that, even though we don’t always get along, at the end of the day, we’re all human. 2014 had its moments… mostly bad. I ain’t even talking about the show. A lot of fucked up shit happened this year, all around the world. But you know what? We’ve got a fresh start, and I hope we can make the most of it. It won’t be perfect, and we’ll still run into a few bumps in the road, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you guys. Happy New Year!

…I swear, I’m not drunk while I post this.


Had nothing else to do the other day, so I went ahead and watched Rainbow Rocks. It was…

It wasn’t bad, and it was certainly better than the first Equestria Girls, but it wasn’t all that great either. Plot was meh, music was meh, jokes were (mostly) meh. It was decent, but it wasn’t at the quality level of the original show.

Sonata Dusk was pretty great, though~

Baluh the Freedom Fighter
Baluh the Freedom Fighter

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Honestly, it depends on your personal taste. I grew up watching all kinds of anime (from sailor moon, hamtaro and cardcaptor sakura to dragon ball, pokemon and gundam wing) so it was easier for me to like a “western anime” with cute, big eyed characters with colorful hair and with mixed elements from fantasy, mythology, adventure and slice of life.

This show also has a lot of dedicated fans that constantly produce new content even during a 1 year hiatus (as you can see above, this is the biggest image gallery on this site).

I say give it a chance and watch a few episodes, if it’s not your thing at least you tried.

Flare Dancer
Flare Dancer

Did… did I get my brony wish for Christmas? Another troll?

Ghost93028, thank you for fulfilling my christmas wish of bashing our little page and yet making us trend because you fail to do your research on how these pages work. It’s like you’ve known me for longer than a couple of seconds!


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I was mostly joking, but I will say one thing here.
“In between seasons” isn’t enough of an excuse, really. This fandom did just fine in the S1 and S2 hiatus times.

If we’re going to be completely honest with ourselves, it’s obvious to see that the fandom is not as big or active as it used to be. Face it, a lot of people moved on. Whether because of a perceived dip in show quality, or something else, the MLP fandom is on the decline.

There’s only so much Hasbro can fuck over the fanbase before content creators get fed up with C&D’s and leave for greener pastures.


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