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Let’s take stock here. The S4 finale featured:

-More historical backstory from the storybook featured in the pilot episode, complete with its signature art style

-The culmination of the Magic Box saga

-The most menacing, methodical, and dangerous villain yet

-One of the most spectacularly animated battle sequences I’ve ever seen, anywhere

-An actual glimpse of Tartarus/Pony Hell

-Discord being a sneaky bastard, just as nature intended

-The complete destruction of the Library, which had literally been around since the beginning, and over the course of the series was such an integral setting that it had almost become a character in itself

-A genuinely entertaining story that legitimately addresses most of the relevant concerns with Twilicorn in a meaningful way, which concluded on a high note and left me with a feeling of contentedness and optimism that I haven’t felt in over two years

-Did I mention that battle sequence?

I’d also like to remind everyone that Flash Sentry not only reappeared, but also received a speaking role, and nobody seems to have noticed or otherwise given half a damn. That’s how epic this episode was. Enough to completely cancel out Flash Sentry. Let that sink in for a moment.

9/10 will definitely rewatch and likely get the S4 box set upon its release.


Well, I still have to watch the entire finale, but I doubt it ~ I’ve been struggling to watch any entire episode since … “Inspiration Manifestation”. I have been losing interest in the whole pony thing, but I don’t know why. But anyway, the scenes I could watch were good. The first part of the first song (when Twilight Sparkle was singing) was good, but the rest was forgettable to me. The second song was meh. The fight was nice, though. It really showed Twilight Sparkle like an (almost) invencible ….wizard? Nevermind, after this finale I have to say that:

*Season one is still my favorite season.
*I dislike Pinkie Pie like 50% more than last year.
*Applejack is still a fantastic character, as well as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Twilight Sparkle is far behind the lovely character she was in Season one, in my opinion ( I don’t even have to say this, it is obvious since it is a personal feeling).
*I won’t watch any of the future Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes.
The only episodes I rewatched were Pinkie Pride, Daring Don’t, Filli Vanilli, Trade Ya and the Applejack key episode. The others, I only watched them once.
*There were some songs I liked but I don’t remember them all. Bats was one of them (even though is my top bottom episode from the entire show) and almost all of the Cheese Sandwich ones.


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So I have to say that while the first bunch of eps. this season were underwhelming, some of the following were enjoyable. Let’s see how good or bad will the next season be. If I haven’t left this thing for then.


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