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Oh boy, i’m not sure about any of you, but i’m staying away from Fimfictions and Pony art for a while (shippers and cloppers are going to have a field day).

As or the episode, I felt a lot of things from that,

first, I loled,

Then, I said WHAT?

After that, I loled and said what at the same time.


but when Trenderhoof took Grannysmth’s hoof, I said……


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Buckle your seatbelt, keep all limbers away from /b/ subforums and the spaghetti inside your pokets as long as you can.
Procure take a breath from the drama every now and then and pray that someone has mercy of your soul! Hahahahahahahahaha

I-I mean… welcome :3

Blue Yoshi
Blue Yoshi

“Three’s a Crowd” was my favorite episode in MLP: FiM before today’s episode came out.

So many random and unexpected things popped up in “Pinkie Pride”. My body was NOT ready for the epicness that hit me in the episode.


I’m gonna be honest, I expected big things outta this episode. Weird Al’s the guest star, so how could I not? I never expected it to so easily topple “Three’s a Crowd” as the best ep of the season, nor did I expect it to squeeze into my overall Top 20. The chemistry between Pinkie and Cheese is fantastic, I loved all the callbacks to continuity, and they even managed to work in some feels in an otherwise goofy episode. I guess my only complaint would be the last song; it gave me EqG flashbacks… and I shuddered. Otherwise, I have nothing but the best to say for this episode. It’s great to have you back, Ms. Rogers; we all missed you.


Today’s episode was
-February 1 is Rainbow Dash’s birthday-anniversary something something something (2fast4me)
-Goof off
-Twilight having all the rule books
-Derpy likes chocolate fountains
-Weird Al Smile remix
-dat gummy
-dat boneless
-Spanish Pinkie is now official
-I’m giggling too much to remember all of it.
-Oh wait.. Rainbow rubber ducky
-Whoops more things that I didnt get


tomorrow’s the big one!

Weird Al vs. Pinkie Pie

so many questions!

Will Pinkie Pie triumph against her rival?

Will she obtain her rainbow thingy in the end?

Will the 4th wall implode in on itself?

Will there be an epic polka battle that will rupture ponyville?

And how many times can the fandom explode before it can’t explode anymore?

Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z-er, I mean, My Little Pony!


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