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oh fridge, what a silly boy you are. Did anyone here ask for you to fear us? No, I don’t thin so. In fact we would rather you enjoy our company instead. But alas, I believe that ship has sailed before you even made your first post here.BTW, if you are indeed god fearing doesn’t he have plenty of lessons about “Loving your fellow man” and “Doing onto others…” and what not. Or even better “Let he without sin cast the first stone”. Oh wait that last one was a Jesus quote wasn’t it? Well you gotta admit for a Jewish person who may or may not be the Messiah he had a lot of good ideas. I guess not believing in a hell gives you a little more leeway though. I mean if your a bad person all that happens to you is that you don’t get access to heaven, am I right?


To fear us here, you have no cause,
For we wish to break no laws.
Any threats we make are idle,
We would not act quite homicidal.
You merely sometimes get our goat,
And things we mean not leave our throat.
When you poke our wounds so hard,
As our reputation, which is marred,
We can to anger be provoked,
And our true selves in that anger cloaked.
But I’m sure we do all wish you the best,
And if from these rants you could give us rest.


From that quote that you did post,
I did infer that you were religious most.
But if in the rapture you don’t believe,
Then your stay here, I won’t bereave.
Your people, they have suffered much,
But your heart, we cannot touch.
If only we had met as friends,
We would not have to make amends,
For those pony pics quite scary,
Brought to us by some bad fairy.
That cause a lot of mental scaring,
Then grievances, they get an airing.


Oh god, oh please, if this time only ,
You would rapture that silly boy.
I’m sure that I would soon relent,
And directly you’d find that I’d repent.
My atheistic ways and such,
To science I’d no longer clutch.
To prove you’re there, just take the kid,
And all my disbelief will be undid.


Even I, who is not a brony, has felt positive effects and rays form MLP.

During my research I had a minor case of depression from all the violent games I play.
Upon watching one of the episodes, I felt the depression banished from me.

This show is more than a show. What is it…

@Patricio Diaz: I’ve underestimated MLP twice now.


To the Pony Rules of the Internet, Rule 66: “They cannot even afford bread! Let them eat Cake!”….I know the internet isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, but isn’t that a little…I don’t know…DARK and DEPRESSING for Ponies seeing where that quote originated from!?!?!?


@ fetchbeer:Ah yes,I see,new friends be had!
So many great people in this fad,
no that word is not enough.
It has something different,something tough
I see others rhyme and write their thoughts,
myself I find myself aloft!
Brohoof indeed,if i’m not mistaken,
it seems we’ll soon have overtaken
other memes and have more friends!
Brohoof indeed,to this finest of trends!

Majora's Mare
Majora's Mare

@ Fridgesrants

Hi, I don’t know if this counts for much, I didn’t watch your videos all the way through, (sorry :3) but from what I can tell, theres a lot of hate going your way. (and from teh Bronies no less!) but I just want you to know, that if you do decide to take the good over the bad*, then I will personally send you digital cupcakes. (not the Pinkie Pie kind) ;D

*not that theres anything wrong with the series, but I know a lot of people are bothered by a certain rule on the internet…


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