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Baluh the Freedom Fighter
Baluh the Freedom Fighter

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I know that most people say this thanks to a few cases in the past and that it is a human trait to focus more on the negative things, but let me remind you guys that Hasbro did nothing to stop games like Legends of Equestria, My Little Miner, Magic Shards, Rise of the Clockwork Stallions, Super Lesbian Horse RPG, Megapony, Ponyvania, PonyKart and many others that are finished or still in progress.

As a fan i understand that people don’t want to get their hopes crushed again, but as a programmer i find it quite discouraging to see this multiple times every time a new game dares to release a YouTube video.


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me being a brony. I still remember how I thought this show was stupid and meant for girls. I was so naive back then. All I can say is how much of an incredible experience it has been and I only wish I became a brony and joined the fandom sooner. Well hurray for me, I guess.

Flare Dancer
Flare Dancer

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I didn’t get Flufflepuff and Chrysalis for a while, but in hindsight it makes a lot more sense, since the fuzzball just oozes love and Chryssie consumes it, it’s the perfect symbiotic relationship.

With Maud and Trixie, Maud is the quiet, monotone, yet still selfless caring one, whereas Trixie is the loud, boisterous, egocentric and non-empathic one. They balance each other out.


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The same way Star Trek, Star Wars, Anthropomorphic Animal Enthusiasts, and maybe 5 or 6 other subjects have for 10+ years:
General interests
Video games
Merchandise collecting

At least for those that enjoy said series, genre, or subject. Those disliking the ones who enjoy usually quiet down after 3-5 years.


Soooo, is the fandom going to be insane today? Or will they still be too butthurt by past events to do anything but complain? It seems that they’re doing more of the latter in recent times. Some of us are trying to go with the flow, but it seems that one step out of line is too much for some people. Basic logic is no longer a human trait, evolution has gone backwards. Oh well, I’ll still enjoy what I can.


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Meh just the usual:
Why Twilicorn needs to exist?
Why Equestria Girls must exist AND have a sequel?
Was really necessary rebooting the X-men movie franchise?
We will survive to this hiatus until season five?
And most important:
The Tumblr account of Denny’s and the twitter account of Taco Bell, are running by the same person?


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