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Blue Yoshi
Blue Yoshi

My thoughts on the most recent MLP episode:

-Personally, I did like the adorableness. I guess it’s due to the fact that I love the cute ponies and the adorable fanarts. I always go to websites containing MLP images (this website included) and get a daily dose of diabetes by looking at cute pony arts once in a while.
-Seabreeze annoyed me at first. But after realizing that he has a family to take care of at home, I forgave him in the end. I even went “aww…” when he gave Fluttershy a flower.
-Season 4 always finds a way to surprise me. I did NOT expect the mane six to be turned into breezies, just like how I didn’t expect Fluttershy to turn into Flutterbat! Gotta give credit to Natasha Levinger for pulling that off, though I liked her previously written episode better (which is “Pinkie Apple Pie”).
-I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t get the Dr. Who reference when I saw the scene with Dr. Whooves wearing 3D glasses walking with Rose.
-Four keys down, two to go. I think Applejack will be the next one, while Twilight Sparkle would be last one. I predict that they will be revealed in Episode 20 and 24, respectively.

Strongbrush the Pony
Strongbrush the Pony

Well, this was an interesting one. Here are my thoughts:

-These breezy things are really weird. I mean, it’s enough that they’re tiny, but why do they speak Scots-Swedish? What kind of mixed up language even is this?
-Fluttershy has reverted to her doormat ways somewhat. I hope she gets better at that soon.
-Spike needs another episode where he does something useful.
-UGH too much cute. Tone it down for Christ’s sake.
-Oh my god the Doctor is wearing 3D glasses guys Hasbro did the thing again
-Wait, Twilight can do transformation spells now? Oh god, here comes the mountainload of porn.
-Oh hey, another rainbow key. That’s four down, two to go.

Overall, a pretty okay episode. Not exactly down with the breezy thing though.


I have a feeling that today’s episode is going to generate a lot “NOT THE BEES!” images. If that is the case, i’m just going to leave this here………..

Note: I have nothing against this meme, I just think it’s a little too overdone.


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My opinion:

I will say that this isn’t the worst ep of the season, but I didn’t like those Breezies. The story was okay. And that transformation…ugh, well, at least it had a better “reason” to be than.. for example… “Flutterbat”.

And Twilicorn could really do great things with magic, why doesn’t she use it more often?


Okay, let me just put this here.

Now, as some people who might know, I’m not quite a spirited fan of MLP like others. I don’t freak out over it in either a good way or bad way and I’ve definitely had some minority opinions in the past. I just have to get this out in the open and say that, as dumb as it might sound, I have a love-hate relationship with MLP.

Why love-hate? Well, there are some things in the MLP franchise that I enjoy. But then, it turns into a big case of annoyance with what the franchise is doing. And what I mean by that is that I just feel like they’re trying too hard to be cool. I’m NOT saying that’s what they’re doing, but when I see Daring Do, in her Rainbow Dash recolor glory, saying “Bring it!” in the MLP ads on the Hub, it somehow rubs me the wrong way. It’s hard to explain why I feel like this, and I could be talking out of my ass but that’s how I feel.


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It sounds to me like your beef is more with the way they market the franchise than it is with the actual franchise itself.

Some marketing departments are just dumb like that – they try too hard to be “hip” and appeal to the lowest common denominator, instead of recognizing the work and its actual audience for what they are and going from there.

Of course, I don’t actually watch the Hub (I just watch the show online) so I don’t know if this is actually what’s happening, or if they’re just plain forcing it down everyone’s throats :P


Alright everyone, new episode tomorrow

starring fluttershy

also featuring in their G4 debut, THE BREEZES!

And judging from the synopsis, one question comes to my mind.

Will fluttershy crack down under the demands of the breezies, or will their assignments…………….

……… a “BREEZE” to complete?

Terrible puns aside, hopefully Natasha Levinger will be able to churn out another smash hit like she did with Pinkie Apple Pie, and hopefully by then, the Twitch Plays Pokemon guys will be able to defeat the Elite 4!



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UPDATE: Extensive research on the matter (read: I did a site search for his username) has revealed that his user title is listed on the forums as “Deactivated.” This means (IIRC) that he deleted his profile himself.

But the question remains: why?


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The mystery has been solved!

Coming from a professional slacker, I don’t really see where he’s coming from, since even if I closed my account I’d find another way to distract myself. As for the negativity… well, we’ve just got a userbase that’s stupid as shit sometimes. (let’s be honest here, no one outside of /r/atheism could argue that taxing churches- non-profit organizations be definition- would be a good idea, and yet an image suggesting so got +15 karma a while back. We’ve got a bunch of morons here.) It’s all something we have to deal with, and rational users like himself, Twee, and Platus certainly help things.

But yeah anyway rant over. Deltamelon’s the one with the info ere, so ask him if you’ve got any questions.


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Why wouldn’t I? I find it really funny because for the longest time, bronies were constantly under siege with trolls. Now it’s like we prevailed over all of the hate and name-calling.

You should lighten up and enjoy the little moment. don’t be that guy who rains on everyone’s parades.


@Everyone saying Brony hate has gone down:

You guys obviously haven’t been to tumblr recently.

Even after Pinkiepony’s been exposed for the lying, attention-whoring, misandrist, hypocritical, smut-drawing sociopath that she is a thousand times over, the damage is already done.

Thanks to DWM, Tumblr’s at an all-time high of SJW sheep believing whatever sourceless claims you thow at them. You could tell them that a white, cishet brony christian male had taken over Mexico in a military coup and those idiots would eat it up like they’d their own veggie burgers.

Goddammit, even the insecure frat dudebros and 12 year old CoDpiece kiddies have given up on annoying us, and now we’ve got Feminists-in-name-only on our backs! I swear if it’s not drama within the fandom, it’s drama without.

Baluh,  Dandere Hoers
Baluh, Dandere Hoers

in reply to Takashi.0

>Implying Tumblr wasn’t always full of sheep
Remember that fake article about a brony being arrested for bestiality?
I agree that the fake feminists are a problem, but that’s not just our problem. They are like bad trolls looking for any target they can find to annoy, they crave attention and people keep feeding them.

Strongbrush the Pony
Strongbrush the Pony

I feel like we should put up a sign on this article:


Just saying.


S4E15 was
-What time is it?
-Coughing seedling
-Butler Randalf
-“Twilight fans”
-6 key mann co. box reasearch
-Hay burgers and “real” burgers
-Twilight Burgkle/Slobble
-Burger napkin
-Horseshoe fries
-Lemonade Stand Grand Opeing
-Pool party
-Kindergarden riot
-Spike made Nachos (tfw never ate nachos but want to eat nachos)
-“Bookworm ponies” by The bookworm
-Twilight is disappoint
-Journal entry
-Twilight giggles = death of shrus


Twilight said something in this episode that really puts her position in Ponyville into perspective. “You know I’m helping everypony I can.” She used to be a librarian. Basically, she’s upgraded to local Messiah. If there’s anything I can say I really liked about this episode, it shows us that the rest of Ponyville doesn’t see her as a nerd that surrounds herself with books. But a beautiful, celebrity-like figure that is so beyond public affairs and mortal comprehension that unheard of that she could go eat at a diner or that anyone’s really a good friend of hers.

Of course, I just love over analysing everything she specifically does.


Alright, so here’s what I pulled from today’s episode:

Sweetie Belle is finally learning how to use magic.
Applebloom is learning how to be a potions master.
Scootaloo is learning how to be an automobile repair mare.
A diagram of the mystery box from the season 4 premiere is in the opening scene.
Burger chains are now canon.
Twilight is a slob when eating burgers.
Horseshoe shaped fries are also a thing.
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were actually being NICE to the CMC for once.
When fillies and colts are unable to spend time with their favorite celebrities, they turn into walkers from the walking dead (because they were walking when they chased the CMC).
Plants can cough.
Spike is a master at making Nachos.
And the CMC can write in the journal.

And now, it’s time for my favorite event!

The Squeaky Belle drinking game!

For every time Sweetie Belle’s voice cracks in the episode, take a shot! (warning, you will drunk by the time the episode’s over).


Well, I can safely say that I may have written Season 4 off too early; these last five episodes have ranged from inoffensive to outstanding. Perhaps they got their worst ideas out of the way at the start? Smart plan. Anyway, I’d consider today’s episode to be the former. It was neat to see Sweetie Belle practicing magic (and actually make progress in it by episode’s end), and it’s damn sure about time that Twilight’s status was brought to attention. Granted, we still didn’t get to see her do anything princess-y, but like Fluttershy said in last week’s episode, “Baby steps, everypony.” So yeah, not one of my favorites this season, but not much negative to say, either. I’m just curious as to how long this stretch can last.


Hey everyone! Do you all know what time it’s gonna be tomorrow?

Nope, it’s not ADVENTURE time, but it’s………………


Get it? because tomorrow’s episode is called “twilight time!”

Eh? Eh? Get it?

Cricket noises

Thank you, thank you, you’re all too kind! I’ll be here all week!

(Yeah, that was pretty much the worst joke I ever did in my life, and I did a lot bad jokes in my time).


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