Parody / Spoof

Parody / Spoof

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The word parody refers to one of the largest subcultures in real life and on the internet. It means to imitate a work, an artist etc. and re-create it in a mocking or humorous way with irony or satire. You can see parody in videos, images, catchphrases, animations, games, stories etc.

Origin and Spread

According to Wikipedia, one of the first parodies was made by a greek writer of the old comedy named Hegemon of Thasos, who mocked the greek mythology Gigantomachy and performed it after the news about the disaster of the island Sicily reached in Athens.

The greek word parodia has been made and is a combination of para- (beside, counter, or against) and -ode (song, as in an ode).

Since then, parody has been seen in many instances throughout culture, including literary, artistic, and musical [citation needed].

Online Presence

[Work in Progress]

Many memes make use of parody for the sake of humor, as well as video sources.

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