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Skate is a Sports Franchise created by EA, also rivaling Neversoft’s long running Tony Hawk series for 3 years.


Skate first began in September 17, 2007 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, giving players a lovely experience due to the environments, Skate’s unique control scheme, and well-fitting soundtrack, sometime later after Skate’s release, Skate 2 was in the making and came out in January 21, 2009 for the same consoles as the first one, Skate 2 was given praise for its better controls, but noted for it’s raise in difficulty being a bit harder for casual gamers , the clumsy moving for the movable objects and it’s sometimes weak story and not-as-sharp graphics…

1 Year later and EA came with Skate 3, while it was good like the others, people preferred Skate 2 over Skate 3 for various reasons, such as the locations being worse or the lesser amount of new things you could do in Skate 3 etc. . .That being said by most Skate fans, Skate 3 being the worst.


All the Skate games have some unique and (odd) glitches in them, most of them are very hard to do, some are just based on luck, and some are easy to do…

Backwards Man Glitch- Put a Spawn Marker anywhere, move away from it, Jump while your off-board, hold RB/R1, then get back on your board. You will go really fast, (backwards).

Under-Map Super Dude glitch- Make sure your online, (sometimes it might not work) jump in the air(on/off your board)do a no-foot air/Christ Air, then quickly do a superdude (time it well!)

On/Off board speed glitch- Go on a ramp(downhill) then keep on Jumping, getting off your board, and getting back on
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