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Tron is a franchise, created by Steven Lisberger[1], and its movies made by Disney. It’s word and concept based around, technology, computers and video games.


The ideas first came to Steven when he saw a movie from MAGI[2] and the game Pong.[3] Soon he created 30 second short with the character Tron. Now Steven and his partner Donald began to create storyboards and write up Ideas for the creation of Tron. They approached Disney, in hopes they would take their daring idea under their wing like they did many others. Disney was hesitant to do it but after giving Disney a showing of their mix of live action and computer generated mix with the back lighted animation, Disney agreed and the creation of the First Tron began.


The fist movie was released back in 1982 by the Disney company.[4] The story followed Kevin Fylnn, who was a genius in technically, who worked for a company named ENCOM. He created multiple videos games, but they where stolen by Ed Dillinger, which rises Ed to the head of ENCOM. Alan, one of Kevin’s best friends, was working on a security program called “Tron”. Alan and Kevin work together to sneak in to ENCOM at night so Kevin can get evidence that he created his games and Alan can finish his program, Tron. Flynn gets sucked into the program world or “Grid” by one of ENCOM’s machines and must destroy the Master Control program to get his evidence and get out so he can shut down Ed. In the computer world he meets Alan’s program, Tron, and they work together to stop the MCP.[5]

In Tron Legacy[6], Flynn’s son, Sam, is left alone in the world as Kevin vanished off the face of the earth when he was young. Alan, the creator of Tron, gets a page from Kevins old arcade and tells Sam, in hopes it was from his father. Sam soon gets sucked in to the Grid were he is met by CLU. CLU runs the Grid as a dictator and Sam escapes with help from a program named Quorra, who takes him him to find his father, who is now a old man. They work together to stop CLU from escaping the Grid and taking over the real world.[7]

Online Relevance

Tron has a notably large online following. The biggest fansite, Tron-Sector[8] gets updates every couple of days, but has a popular form, were fans talk about Tron. Tron Wiki[9] was launched on Janurary 2011. has about 700 stories online[10] and deviantART has over 65,000 artworks under Tron.[11] The Tron reddit, called “The Grid”, has over 2,000 followers on it.[12]


Fans of the series have made parody videos about the series. Some have been song or flash parodys while others are fan trailers or new story ideas. Many fans cosplay as characters or random programs. Fanart is also every where in the Tron fandom.




Tron Guy

Tron Guy, whose real name is Jay Maynard, made a homemade Tron suit based of the 1982 movie, Tron. Posting pictures of him in his suit, they quickly spread across the internet, and he is now seen as a nerd icon.


Disney, who helped in Tron’s creation, is a large part of the Tron fandom. Many fans of both fandoms love to draw iconic Disney characters in the world of Tron. Disney could almost be considered Trons mother fandom.

Kingdom Hearts

As Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between Disney and Square Enix, it was only natural that Tron was to be inculcated in the games. Trons recent popularity might be connected to Trons being included in to Kingdom Hearts, thus putting the fandoms together.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk is a two man group electronic music makers. They created and produce the whole Tron: Legacy soundtrack. The soundtrack was very popular and was used in the 2014 Russian Olympics. The fans of Daft Punk and Tron grew in numbers as the sound track brought both cult like fans together.[13]

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