World War II

World War II

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World War II was a global conflict that was underway by 1939 and ended in 1945. It involved most of the world’s nations. It was the most widespread war in history. Marked by significant events involving the mass death of civilians, including the Holocaust and the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare, it is the deadliest conflict in human history, resulting in 50 million to over 70 million fatalities.[1]


Germany was treated the worst after the first world war and fell into a depresion. Italy and Japan helped the United States win the war, but they felt ignored in the Treaty of Versailles. Hirohito became the emperor of Japan in 1926 and became known as “Emperor Shōwa”. Benito Mussolini became the dictator of Italy in 1930 and established facism to Italy. Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany in 1933 and was the leader of a facist group called the Nazi Party. Together, they form the Axis powers. Italy had cotroll of areas now known as Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Japan had controll of areas now know as North and South Korea, parts of China and Russia, and Taiwan. Germany controlled areas now know as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Denmark, and other countries in Europe. The war started in 1939 when Germany invades and captures Poland, that is when countries like the Uniteed Kingdom and France declared war on Germany and it’s ally Italy. Germany wanted to make sure the Soviet Union wouldn’t help the Allies, so Hitler made a pack with Josef Stalin saying they won’t invade the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union won’t help the UK and France. France falls to the hands of Hitler and Germany invades the UK, but the British fight back hard. Hitler, who was confident he would capture the UK, broke his pack with Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union. The USA beleives they shouldn’t be involved in the war, but that changes when Japan bombs it major pacific port, Pearl Harbor. The USA declares war on the Japan and Germany and Italy, Japan’s allies, declare war on the USA. All of the counties in both North America and most in South America are now at war. in the pacific, Japan captures the Philippines and parts now know as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and other countries, and threatens to invade Australia. Germany was getting closer to the USSR’s capital, Moscow, but lost battles there, at Leningrad and heavily at Stalingrad. German forces start to retreat back and the American forces led by Dwight D. Eisenhower battle German and Italian forces in North Africa after succeeding in Africa, the Americans invade Italy. In the Pacific, Arthur McDouglas starts his “island hopping” strategy and evantually tries to retake the Philippines with the help of Australia, Mexico, and the Filipino’s in the Philippines. After driving Japanese forces out of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, heavy fighting takes place in Iwo Jima, Okinawa, China, Manchuria, and the rest of East and Southeast Asia. American, British, French, and other forces start to advance in Italy, eventually capturing Mussolini and his wife and executing both of them. As Soviet and Polish forces invade Berlin, Germany’s capital city, Hitler and his wife Eva Braun commits suicide after the day Mussolini was executed. Eventually, the Americans reach Berlin abd are greeted by there Soviet comrades. With Japanes forces losing badly, The United States gives them a chance to surrender, but the don’t take it. The United States then drops the “Little Boy” atom bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, but Japan still refuses to surrender. The Soviet Union then declares war on Japan. The United States then drops the “Fat Man” atom bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Japan surrenders and the deadliest war in human hisory finally comes to an end. Trials are followed after the war. The Soviet Union capture many Nazi’s and threw them in prisons. The United States held the Nuremburg trials which lead to the execution of many German officers. In the pacific, Emperor Hirohito was arrested and was sent to trial, but wasn’t found guilty of war crimes. He was released and resumed being the Emperor until his life came to an end in 1989. Instead of him, Hideki Tojo, the man who lead the Japanese army was executed. Germany was divided into a Deocracy country and a Communist country until 1991, and Japan was ruled by the United states until the mid-1950’s. The Cold War soon started after WWII ended.



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In 2004, a German-speaking movie was released in Germany called “Der Untergang” which translated to english means “Downfall”. The first known parody was released in 2006. Many other Parodies followed afterwards. YouTube started to ban the parodies, but eventually stopped banning them. The parody makers call them “Untergangers”, and many of them are still on YouTube.

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