Tobi's a good boy

Tobi's a good boy

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(Note: This article contains spoilers from the series Naruto)


Tobi’s a good boy is a phrase often quoted by fans of the Naruto manga/anime. Tobi’s childish attitude, the childishness of the phrase, combined with the fact the he is supposed to be a member of a major criminal organization, have lead the phrase to become popular and humorous with fans.


The phrase is first used on the final page of Chapter 280 of the manga (Volume 31 pg 185). It is spoken by one of the Ataksuki member Zetsu’s personalities, in a conversation between Tobi and Zetzu’s split personalities.

Tobi: Will this be enough for me to join the Akatsuki?
Zetsu (black): Fool…It’s not that easy…
Zetsu (white): Why not…? Let him join…Tobi’s a good boy…


The phrase is often used whenever talking about Tobi. On forums, people often refer to him as a “good boy”, usually for the purpose of excusing any of his foolish actions.

(Forum/comment posts from IMVU and Bestuff)

It is also often used:

  • To parody Tobi, often depicting in images with him performing foolish, childish, or funny actions, to the annoyance of his serious team-mates. Tobi is often portayed as “cute” or childish, to emphasise his personality and the childishness of the phrase.
  • In forum threads as a title, when discussing Tobi.
  • In general refernce to Tobi, such as “Tobi’s awesome! He’s such a good boy!”
  • In fanfiction, authors tend to make Tobi directly say “Tobi is a good boy” or similar, such as “I’m always a good boy!”

We later learn that Tobi is or may be closely related to Madara Uchiha, the founder of the Akatsuki, very old (80+) and “evil” man. This makes Tobi being a “good boy” all the more humorous.


There are countless variations of this phrase, including:

Youtube videos

Various Fan fics based on the phrase

Tobi is a Good Boy!
Tobi is a Good Boy 2: The Sequel!

Or simply containing the phrase

Akatsuki: Attack of The Tobi
Deidara is a Good Boy (Deidara is Tobi’s partner)
ZetTobi FanFic
More Than Meets The Eye
Akatsuki Fanfics by Useless and Mo
Itachi oneshot
Akatsuki: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Love has no age

How to become a GOOOOOOD Boy LOL a guide to creating Tobi’s mask.

A deviant art profile, Bebo profile, Facebook profile and a Crunchy Roll account, all using the phrase.

Various forum threads, in which the phrase can be found

Is tobi a good boy?, from Fanpop
Tobi’s a Good Boy! :D, from supercheats
Tobi’s a good boy from live journal
‘Tobi is a good boy’ from Maths is fun.
Tobis a Good Boy! from the TalkNaruto forums
Is Tobi really a good boy ??? from the Narutobase foums
Deidara x Tobi FC and Tobi IS a Good Boy!, from the Naruto forums.

He has his own urban dictionary entry, often quoting the phrase:

Zetsu’s white half often says “Tobi is a good boy.”
- Tobi is a good boy
Zetsu- Tobi is a good boy

“Tobi” has even writen “a Diary”

Even Cleverbot knows about tobi (Credit:Richies^ghost)

Tobi even has his own Forums, with the phrase: The Tobi Forums, “Tobi’s a good boy”

And even more images (see image share section)


This meme has an evil twin, “Tobi is not a good boy” or “Tobi is a bad boy”, such as:

More fanfics

Tobi is a bad boy (One-shot)
Never Call Tobi a Bad Boy
Tobi Is Not A Good Boy

Forum Threads
Tobi is not a good boy in the english manga.

More youtube videos


Even five years on, the phrase is often searched for.

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