Volcano Addiction

Volcano Addiction

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“Volcano Addiction” is the insatiable lust for Volcanoes. During the game “Legends of Dragoon”, Dart Feld, the main character repeats “Volcano!” during the completion of his combo ability. There is no option to turn it off, leaving it as an impossibly annoying quip that most players find themselves even turning off all sound just so they don’t have to hear the inane screams of Dart Feld. In order for players to get their most powerful abilities, this combination must be repeated 100x successfully (Not in a row). This coupled with its constant repetition of the exact same sound file leads to one of the more iconic ‘annoying’ sounds possible. To make things worse, it is also second combo players get, and is also used by far the most until they can get their third, which is very far down the story line.

A lesser known variant is “Harpoon!”. Lavitz, the second character a player picks up in their journey, has only one starting combo. He constantly repeats “Harpoon!” to no end, again making most players rip their hair out or turn off the sound.

Volcano Addiction, specifically, refers to someone being addicted to volcanoes (Or “Volcano”, as a proper noun). Volcano is never defined as being volcanic rock, magma, or lava. Most often it swiches between definitions of its physical state. Volcano Addiction also refers to the lesser known story of a young lad (Dart Feld) becoming addicted to Volcanoes in the same way heroin addicts become addicted to heroin. Sometimes it is described as Dart seeking after Volcanoes like a long lost love. Other times, people refer to is as Emberlord selling a bag of volcano to Dart, so he can get his fix (As if it were an actual drug). No matter who follows the story of Volcano, it is also known that if someone claims they are not addicted to anything, they are addicted to Volcano. Whether or not they admit it, or even know themselves, they are addicted to Volcano. So much so, that after every combo, regardless of the game they are playing, they have to scream, “Volcano!”.


There was a flash game made where every single click of the mouse played the “Volcano!” sound file, but it was lost in the annuals of time. If anyone knows where it can be found, please link to it in the comments section.

It is also used on the internet as a reaction to other posts. Replying with “Volcano!” to a post is usually taken in the same way as if someone said, “I don’t care!” or “I don’t know whats happening!”.

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