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About the “meme” on ChexQuest forums

It originated on the Chex Quest Fan Forum (CQFF) under the forum game The “EVIL” Game 2.0. The user xbolt posted this video and started repeating the phrase “We’ve entered an endless recursion of time.” and “Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo.” The first section was misread by another user, and they asked xbolt how they could get some of this “Whaleware.” The joke soon caught on and Whaleware morphed into a kind of “universal software” that could do “everything and more.” As the joke grew, xbolt made a website based on all the material that the other members had come up with. The website (http://whaleware.xboltz.net/) contains not only Whaleware jokes, but also other inside-jokes from the CQFF as well. It has gained very little attention as of Nov. 1st, 2009, but it is the hope of the forum members that Whaleware will be the next big, internet meme.

An excercise in Memetic Engineering (Meme Forcing)

While the birth of the whaleware idea as it pertains to the ChexQuest forums was organic, the clear intent to force the meme into other forums was planned.

  • See thread here.

    WIN. I swear this will spread as a meme. Its already become one here. Now…..to the rest of the internet…..

    Please take Whaleware to all other forums you belong to. Spread the word to all your friends, and get then to use Whaleware too. Who knows, we may end up famous in the near future. Cool

Past experience with other forced memes shows that whenever the intent to declare something a meme is clearly stated in public, that the rest of the public often meets the meme with displeasure, thus decreasing the likelihood that the meme will be able to replicate in new community.

However, forcing a meme does not mean that it can’t grow, just that the potential has been stunted.

Protip: If you intend to force a meme, do so in a more covert fashion.

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