Wombo Combo

Wombo Combo

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Oh! OH!! OHHH!!!


Wombo Combo is the catchphrase derived from a recorded Super Smash Bros. Melee match that became famous for both the incredible combo pulled off during the match as well as the overly excited reaction that could heard in the background as the match was being recorded. At first, players can be heard commentating on the game, and as Zhu is defeated, the room is filled with shouting and profanity.

The audio from this match is now pasted over Youtube videos that depict complete and utter domination or unexpected twists, with the cheering erupting right at the climax of the video. The term is also used in the gaming world after a player is unexpectedly killed or killed instantly.

According to Smash Wiki, three other matches- featuring different players and gameplay- were deemed “sequels” to the famous “Wombo Combo.”


The original Melee match between Zhu/Lucky and Tang/Silent Spectre was held on December 6, 2008. Zhu is well known in the world of Super Smash Bros. for his use of Falco, having won several notable matches and tournaments, while Tang and Silent Spectre were well-known for their amazing teamwork. Their clash would lead to the now infamous “Wombo Combo,” with the most-viewed video of the match uploaded two days later:

Disclaimer: Some language may not be suitable for work.


“Wombo Combo” exploded only days after the video was uploaded to YouTube. At first, the video started to rise in popularity amongst gamers who wanted to witness Zhu’s demise, but soon the epic combo became to be considered as one of the greatest moments ever recorded in Super Smash Bros. history, and many people tried to mimic the move themselves. This led to a rise in recording “epic” 2v2 Melee matches and uploading them to YouTube, and also changed how regular, non-competitive, players viewed and played the game.

However, as many YouTube users became more interested in the background dialogue than the actual match itself, the phrase Wombo Combo eventually outgrew its origins, and became a popular slang term in the gaming world. The UrbanDictionary definition, created only a day after the original video was uploaded, defines “Wombo Combo” as:

1) Zero-to-Death ownage in just a few seconds.
2) Zhu’s painful demise by the hands of Silent Spectre and Tang.
3) To be utterly destroyed very quickly


During the video, several seemingly random phrases (to those unfamiliar with them) are said by spectators and fellow gamers Home Made Waffles (HMW), Phil, and Mango. This is a rough breakdown of what some of those phrases mean:

  • Up-Smash: An attack using the Up toggle with the A button.
  • Happy Feet: A reference to Zhu’s combo video’s, all entitled “Happy Feet”
  • Wombo Combo: The name for the combo move performed by Tang and SS. Possibly based on the Round Table Pizza dish of the same name.
  • That Ain’t Falco: Referring to the fact that Zhu is playing as Fox McCloud, not his usual Falco character.


One the most popular ways that “Wombo Combo” is used is by isolating the audio from the original Melee match, and combining it with other epic showcases of complete dominance:

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