You Cannot Grasp The True Form of Giygas / Giygas

You Cannot Grasp The True Form of Giygas / Giygas

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Earthbound and alludes to graphic content.


You Cannot Grasp The True Form of X is a catchphrase used when the true form of something simply cannot be comprehended. It is also one of the lines Giygas, the final boss of the Earthbound games, uses before attacking you. It, as well, is the name of a YTP remix meme based upon Giygas’ appearence in the final boss battle.


Giygas is a character from the video games Mother (1989) and Mother 2 /EarthBound (1995). According to the Earthbound Wiki, he is an alien who intends to reduce the earth to infinite darkness. He is also known as the “Embodiment of Evil” or the “Universal Cosmic Destroyer.”

In a 2003 interview, Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the games, had this to say about Giygas:

Itoi: Basically, Giygas is something you can’t make sense of, you know? But there’s also a part to him that’s like a living being that deserves love.

Acording to Earthbound Central, the scene that inspired Gigyas’ final forms was a scene from “The Military Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty”, a movie he walked into as a child, and mistook what happened at the time he entered for rape, traumatizing Itoi. This is the scene that caused the trauma:

While fighting Giygas, the message "You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack! comes up as one of the monster’s attack messages.

The music used in most of the You Cannot Grasp The True Form Of X videos, however, is not actually from the Gigyas battle, but from the previous battle with Pokey. The music track is titled “Pokey Means Business” (The original title was “Porky Means Business” was changed due to a translation error) A sample of the original track is here:

Some of the videos, however, use the actual Gigyas battle music, simply called “Gigyas Battle”. A sample of the original track is here:


In September 2006, the YTMND You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack was created.

There is a page on TV Tropes about being unable to grasp the true form of an object.


The videos sometimes stand alone, using no memetic influence whatsoever:

ALL HAIL GIGYAS (January 2008) 93,000+ views

You cannot grasp the true form of Squidward (April 2009) 27,000+ views

You cannot grasp the true form of Hurricane Gigyas! (August 2008) 14,000+ views

The Giygas Rap (December 2008) 46,000+ views

Mario Gets a Letter From Gigyas (May 2008) 46,000+ views

(This video actually contains several memes within itself, including Ganon, Falcon Punch, Over 9000, and Losta Spagetti)

However, alot of the time the videos that use either track are sometimes found combined with memes, both auditory and visual:

Capitan Falcon/Falcon Punch

Marth cannot grasp the true form of Captain Falcon’s attack (April 2008) 57,000+ views


Rickroll mashup (September 2008) 42,000+ views

Leekspin/Leva’s Polka

Leekspin mashup (September 2008) 23,000+ views

Ran Ran Ru/Japanese McDonalds

Ran Ran Ru mashup(Also known as McGigyas)(November 2008) 63,000+ views

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

You cannot grasp the true form of Bel-Air (March 2009) 33,000+ views


THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GIYGAS (September 2008) 29,000+ views

Scout is Delicious/X is Y

HEAVY IS GIGYAS (September 2009) 111,000+ views

X in Spore

Giygas-SPORE (October 2008) 24,000+ views

Furries In A Blender Remix

Renard Queenston, who’s responsible for Intensive Care Unit and Rainbow Tylenol, remixed the two songs together and adding a techno beat, releasing the song under his alias "Furries in A Blender and renaming the combonation “I’m Getting Serious + I Feel….G…A…B…B…E…R(Giygas Remix)”. A video that showcases the song is here:

The Giygas-Fetus Theory

A theory about Gigyas is that he is a baby fetus, due to the way the boss looks twords the end of the final fight. Here is one of the videos explaining the theory as many people see it:

However, due to the fact that Gigyas appeared in Mother as an alien, and only an alien, this rumor has been sited as false.

In Real Life

You cannot grasp the true form of the color Magenta. It may sound silly but it’s true: Magenta lacks a corresponding wavelength and is essentially made up by the human brain.

Explained by Null Hypothesis, when human eyes process color, they are really processing the different wavelengths of light as they hit the retina. In the case of magenta, the eye receives wavelengths from the beginning and end of the light spectrum: red and violet, respectively. From there, the eye could either average the two wavelength responses to create the color that’s halfway between them (green) or create a new color entirely. Magenta does not need to exist to the light spectrum, but our brain has created it as a way to close the circuit between colors. As Null Hypothesis puts it:

The light spectrum has a colour missing because it does not feel the need to ‘close the loop’ in the way that our brains do. We need colour to make sense of the world, but equally we need to make sense of colour; even if that means taking opposite ends of the spectrum and bringing them together.

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