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Taylor Watkins
Taylor Watkins

Morgan Freeman is voicing a Lego Minifigure holding a chewed up lolipop as a staff giving a speech about the most creative person in the universe to a bunch of random Lego Minifigures while a pink unicorn cat named Unikitty is watching. Your argument is invalid.

Arisaka The Great
Arisaka The Great

(taking something from robot wars)
Bash:DIE! REFBOT!chases refbot around the arena spurting fire
Refbot:No,Yellow card for bash.
Bash:No! uses flamethrower
Refbot:Well i have fire extinguisher uses fire extinguisher YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.


The discussion of “ad hominem” attacks has very little to do with this meme. The meme doesn’t attempt to discredit the argument by discrediting the arguer; rather, it claims to discredit the argument by presenting something bizarre and irrelevant, without any obvious logical connection. The Pancake Bunny link is more apropos. It also seems similar to South Park’s “Chewbacca Defense.” Argumentum ad hominem doesn’t enter into it.


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