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One day, a little boy asked
Huh, I wonder what Diglett looks like, in full?
He put on some protective pads
And gave Diglett a big ol’ pull
What he didn’t know
Was he unleashed a cataclysm
The ground turned to snow
His actions opened a schism
The skies rained ashes
The earth, only more damaged with the clashes
Of the armies, harming their beloved world
Volcanos shot fire
The honest turned to liars
Tsunamis flooded the islands
Wind blew over the spires
Skyscrapers fell to the ground
Meteors hurdled to earth at the speed of sound
The world was ending
Humanity was pending
So let this be a tale to you
Digglet is nothing new
So if you try to pull him out of the ground
Locked on the universe, will be death’s hound.


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