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You can’t compare the two. Their main difference doesn’t come from what country they’re in, but what model they are.

It’s like comparing a cargo ship with a passenger plane. One is faster, the other can carry a much heavier load. Which one is better? It depends entirely on what you plan on transporting.

(long explanation)

The European one is a magnet train, meaning they only run on magnet “rails”. They’re great for moving passengers across moderately distances at a quick speed.

The American one runs on only the traditional rails. Unlike the magnet train, it is much slower and heavier. However, also unlike the magnet train, it is much more powerful and designed to fully capable of transporting both passengers AND freight over great distances.

Today, passenger trains are being phased out more and more for the more specialized magnet design. However, the “freight train” design is almost certain to stay relevant for transporting the heavier cargo loads.


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