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That One Guy Named X
That One Guy Named X

People should realize atheists are not dicks, nor are christians stupid, backwards thinking monkeys. It’s just that humanity has an equal potential to create incredible stupidity in the face of reason.

100% serious mode, I think it’s high time we forgot these silly differences and started attacking the problem at its root. Religion itself is not a bad thing, but the religious have been played like 50 cent kazoos by people abusing their power and sway with the masses (mostly swaying the masses during mass, ba dum tss), and Anti-religion, Irreligion or other variants of such don’t make you a better or worse person unless you actually work to improve upon what everyone else fails at as a society or as a group.

The problem with society stems from the bare basics of education, and the fact that some people just refuse to learn. There’s a staggering fear of knowledge in just about every group of individuals imaginable. Die hard fundamentalists don’t want to accept anything other than the bible(s) as “the truth”, and at the same time, Anti-theists (notice how I didn’t say “Atheists”) tend to disregard anything, right or wrong, that comes from a theists’ standpoint as nonsensical babbling.

Hate is a disease, so is ignorance. Religion might help you understand things that science cannot explain, but at the same time, you can’t blind your eyes to the rest of the world.

That One Guy Named X
That One Guy Named X

Psychologically, the problem stems from the fact that the human mind isn’t meant to search for what’s right, but to BE right. Which means that if someone refutes your statement, you will not rethink the statement, but try to counter that refutation. Which, in turn, translates into just going “LA LA LA, BIBLE SAYS SO!” or “LA LA LA, YOU’RE A FUNDIE!”.

This problem can be attacked directly, but it has to be from the early childhood and development of the mind. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks. It’s time we learned that the true enemy here is ignorance, and attacking old, already ignorant people who will not change their ways of thinking is just as useful as banging your head against a wall to paint it red. Focus elsewhere.

As for Theists who think Atheists are wrongfully accusing you of ignorance or putting you in the same lot as the crazy fundies, remember that they get the same deal all the time. If you want it to stop, be better. Do what you preach. I don’t think Jesus/Noah/The Buddha would’ve been happy about you going around labeling people as heathens.

Same would go for atheists. Just because your views are different, doesn’t mean that every other theist is the same.


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