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In the not to distant future, next Tuesday A.D;
There was a pony named Luna, not too different from you or me;
She worked at Canterlot Castle, just another princess in royal suit;
She did a good job making the night, but her sister didn’t like her so she sent her to the moon;
“I’ll send her cheesy movies, the worst I can find” (la la la)
“She’ll have to sit an watch them all, and I’ll monitor her mind” (la la la)
Now keep in mind Luna can’t control when the movies begin or end (la la la);
She’ll try to keep her sanity with the help of her lunar friends;
Friendship roll call:
Now if you’re wondering how she eats and breaths and other science facts (la la la);
Then repeat to your self “it’s just a show, I should really just relax”;
For Equestrian Pony Theater 3000!


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