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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Well, I see it’s mainly a fight between Discord and Chrysalis. Well, comparing:
-Discord is the most powerful being in all Equestria. Chrys is just a bit more powerful than unicorns.
-Discord has AWESOME voice. Chrys doesn’t.
-Discord isn’t pretty, but he wasn’t meant to be. His appearance is personification of what he is – CHAOS. Chrys is just larger Changeling.
-Chrys sings pretty well, BUT when I think of EurobeatBrony’s “Discord” and TheLivingTombstone’s remix of it, I fell free to use Chrys’ song’s scripts as toilet paper.
-Discord actually succeded, turning Equestria into 4chan with one snap, stealing Elements of Harmony and destroying them inside mane6. Mane6 turned it later BACK to normal. Chrys, however, had her army swarmed Canterlot only for, like, 10 minutes?
-Discord did all by himself. Chrys wouldn’t do anything if not her huge army of Changelings.

Thus, I guess it’s pretty obvious who wins here.

Also, the honour of being second best villain I give to:


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