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Yeah, I’m going to post this Youtube comment here, which exactly describes my thoughts:

“PARTY.MOV isn’t going to be cancelled. He posted that it was hopefully going up “sometime this week” like 5 days ago, and he also said all he had left was lip synching, so he’s joking. Do you really believe he would quit something 95% done instantly and start cooking for the first time, and instantly get a job as a pro chef? His “I’m a chef” tweets are really obvious jokes, like saying he’s a chef because he made eggs for breakfast. Plus since he “quit” he uploaded new drawings to his site."

Plus, there’s this whole “I can’t celebrate Comedy Day because I sold my computer to charity and traded my life for one of being a world famous chef… and now I FEEL EMPTY INSIDE” thing, which seems like the perfect setup for something just as ridiculous, like " I was visited by a holy archangel of comedy in my darkest hour; I now have comic superpowers and managed to redo PARTY.MOV in under 6 minutes. Enjoy."

We all know that Max has a audacious sense of humour, and an slightly pointless elaborate joke like this strikes to me as exactly the sort of thing he’d do.


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