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Okay, there are several problems with this piece of fan"art".

1. Rarity has an Elvis-like pompadour thing.
2. Applejack is really small, derpy looking, and looks like she has an extra ‘cheek growing off of one of her hind legs.
3. Pinkie Pie looks like she’s struggling to hold up her hair.
4. Rainbow Dash’s tail is incorrectly colored.
5. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Twilight Sparkle up front?
6. “Nightmare” Moon looks like she’s a car accident victim, a broken piece of something, and a crunchy mess.
7. There isn’t a background.
8. It was drawn poorly in MS Paint.
9. insert some other stuff here

Other than that, it’s great! :D
Just keep practicing and you’ll get better in no time, it’s what everyone does. I’m also sorry if I offended you with my comments on it, but look at them as a way to improve upon it.

Trust me, if you want to be an artist, just keep drawing and you’ll get better. :)


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