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1. Women are not more privileged than men, unless you count being berated as weaker, less intelligent, and suitable only for housekeeping and child-rearing a privilege, or think that earning $.70 to the dollar of what men make doesn’t matter.

2. Although some may consider Jewish to be an ethnicity, no, it’s not a race, and even if it was it would most definitely not be a privileged one.

3. Mixed race people do not usually experience the privilege of their parents races “averaged out”, and in fact often experience more alienation than both parents might, along with a host of other issues.

It’s kind of sick that a anti-Semitic chauvinist thinks they can rate other people’s privilege while being most likely very, very unaware of their own. Even if this is supposed to be a joke, it’s fucked up, given what they’re associating Jewish people and women with, and how they appear to take some issues seriously while trivializing others.


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