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Well, this is just… untrue.

Rape is HEAVILY frowned upon, and there is major legal penalty. Just because women are taught ways to avoid being raped/ fend off a rapist doesn’t mean we think it’s a woman’s fault for being raped… lol

That’s like complaining that we shouldn’t teach people to use a security program on computers because “we should teach people not to make viruses.”

Zero logic in this one lol.



Well, yeah… In parts of the middle east and other third world countries, that is true. In the west, however that is never the case.

The parts of the world that would punish a women for being raped in any way are the same places that treat women as second class citizens, don’t let them vote, and don’t let them choose who they marry.


Wearing revealing close is not going to cause you to get raped. If a guy wants to rape a women, it doesn’t matter if she is wearing a parka. What matters is if she is alone and defenseless.

The things they teach women about to avoid rape is stuff like this.

- Kick him in the balls
- Scream " Help! I’m on fire" or something like that instead “I’m getting raped!”
- Consider carrying a rape whistle
- Consider learning martial arts.
or party things like

-Stay near friends
- Don’t let an open beverage out of your site.
- Don’t accept anything from a guy you don’t trust


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