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@ People downvoting this and the Pony Sniper pic:

“Hmm…This image has a creeper, Jake and Wheatley,is good I shall upvo- wait a minute, THERE IS A PONY. THIS IMAGE IS RUINED AND I WILL DOWNVOTE IT. BRONIES SHOULD UPLOAD THERE PICTURES JUST IN THEIR GALLERY (Even though there isn’t more pictures of ponies than Adventure Time, Team Fortress,Portal,Minecraft… in this one and has to do with this meme) OR GTFO.”

Is this what you were thinking?… Because it seems so. And it’s really sad because I can now say the same about a good/really appreciated series on the internet and say “I hate this and I don’t want to see it, and if I see it I’ll rage, press dislike and complain about how could it be uploaded here.”

It’s just a normal crossover picture like the one with the Twilight Sniper (some of you will say that the pic with Twilight Sniper belongs to the ponification gallery. I think it kinda belongs to both and (believe me) your jimmies would be even BOILING if only half of the ponification gallery was uploaded in here (then you would say that this gallery is flooded by ponies with reasons to do it) ).The only difference between those TWO pics and almost ALL the other ones here is that said two have a MLP pony…


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