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Oboe Shoes
Oboe Shoes

Yes, yes… this is fitting into my headcanon quite nicely.

Really glad that Celestia and Luna are once again unique. I’m pretty sure most people wanted them to be the only “divine” alicorns. (Either just exceptionally powerful alicorns of old who keep them selves alive with magic, or just flat-out immortal goddesses, but either headcanon works with this.) Either way, that’s a lot better than “Bonk, you have wings now, gratz, you live forever.”

Also, anypony being able to become an alicorn is confirmed! Princess Derpy, here we come.


Also upon further investigation on Amazon, there is going to be a similar styled book involving Pinkie Pie dropping on July 2nd.

Title: My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party!
Synopsis: Pinkie Pie has always been a bit different from her very serious family. When she plans a Ponyville “rock” concert to support the family business, Pinkie’s family doesn’t like the idea. They just want her to be serious, for once. This is a real problem! Read along as Pinkie gets a little help from her friends in this original and brand-new adventure!



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