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With all due respect to you, I’m not going to sugarcoat the following statement.
I hate that line of reasoning. I really, really do. Not only is it a huge generalization, it’s also super wrong anyway.

Not everyone was fine and dandy with Discord’s reformation, and a very substantial number of people remain, to this day, very opposed to Twilicorn and her debut episode.
The idea that the fandom “hates everything before it airs then embraces it once it does” is ridiculously stupid, and I can’t believe that so many people still espouse this idiotic sentiment.



@AugustDay: I find it kind of odd how many fans act surprised that Season 3 (and especially Twilicorn) are still controversial. If someone likes the direction of Season 3, then that’s fine and dandy, but I think a lot of them are in denial about the broader implications that Season 3 had for the fandom. Discord got de-villained and they changed Twilight Sparkle in a way that many of us consider to be for the worse, and those are changes that fans aren’t going to just shrug off because a few months have passed.

I like Twilicorn just as little as I did when I saw S03E13, and I still think Discord being tamed was a waste of a good villain. It’s not like those things just went away, and now we have Equestria Girls looming on the horizon, and with each bit of information it is looking more and more like something that is going to be a new source of frustration rather than something to bring the fandom together.

On the bright side, the comic series is still going strong, and as long as the writers are smart enough to avoid the pitfalls of the show, I think that it will continue to be a source of enjoyment for the fans who are reading it even after the show is gone (hypothetically).


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