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Maiden Heaven
Maiden Heaven

PS-tan is the tough, manly character and the pants in the relationship. Always brutish and outgoing on the outside, but on the inside is a kind and caring softy.
Wii-chan is a shy but kind a caring person, dedicated to PS-tan and the zany situations they keep getting into. Wii-chan actually is overprotective and will choke a bitch if PS-tan is threatened.

…The fuck did I type.


I love the characterizations that each of the different companies always gets.

Nintendo/WiiU is usually the kid or the bystander, watching things from the sidelines.
Sony/PS4 is the older character or tough guy, beating/roughing up Microsoft.
Microsoft/Xbone is the douche-bag getting beat up for all his bullshit.

Thanks to all these gifs, I’m starting to subconsciously imagine them with such personification.


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