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Or, you own a large truck because you like driving a large truck.

No one needs a 500HP Corvette or Porsche.
Single moms with one kid don’t need a minivan or SUV.

Drive what you like, just don’t be an ass about it.

Derp Banned
Derp Banned

I own a Dodge RAM Big Horn. I use it for work. I haul stuff in it all the time. Yes it has a hemi. It is a work truck and yes it’s nice having certain creature comforts and an engine with power.

Only problem with that pic is…
It’s not a work truck
Raised suspension
The only time he goes off roading when he tows his quads to a campsite
Knobby tires for off road that he uses on Highways
Tires cost $2000.00 that he goes through all the time from driving on Highways
Rims cost over $2000.00 more than what most of you make in a month
Probably a Turbo Diesel
All the best comforts inside
And a stereo that blasts nothing but Offspring


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