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Wow, coincidentally, this was my Facebook status a month ago.
So I just watched the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I just realized:
Why doesn’t Disney movie make a movie about Anne Frank’s life but in the Disney movie she survives and gets away and it’s a Disney movie so she has to have a love interest and they get married and then she also has to have a pet or something that may or may not save her from the Nazis because it’s a Disney movie and because it’s Disney they all have to sing and Anne Frank will sing about how everyone’s being oppressed by the Nazi’s and then the antagonist will be Hitler and he will sing some military song about why he wants to genocide and all the Nazis will march along with him and sing with him and because it’s Disney Hitler will fall in love with Anne Frank and try to force her to marry him but then she gets rescued.
I just think this is a great idea.


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