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It’s unfair to say that those few people are representing all of America.
But fuck those racist assholes. Do they even know what happened there?
They should see some pictures.
Also, so much butthurt over a lost Football game. Cry some more instead of trying to brag about something that happened before you were even born.

Elbough Le Zoreil
Elbough Le Zoreil

Can somebody explain the stranger I am why are most american people (or at least the ones we regularly see on the internet) so obsessed with war?

Well maybe I’m wrong, but when I see that kind of things:

*USA lost a football game? => “at least we won WW2”

Tsunami in Japan? => “payback for Pearl Harbour” (as if mother Nature gave a single fcuk about Pearl Harbour…)

Random post about something happening in France => Tons of comments like “french fags cowards surrended in WW2”

Random post about something happening in Germany => Tons of comments like “Nazi we beat you in WW2”

Almost every context seem to be apropriate to talk about 60 years old (or even more) battles that everyone totally forgot…

Seriously I hope i’m wrong and what I see here is just made by some random racist retards we have in every country…


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