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Bruno the Rustler
Bruno the Rustler

A Gentleman: Red is dead.
Booker: What?…the hell did…?
A Lady: I see…Blue.
A Gentleman: And I see Green.
A Lady: It’s all a matter of perspective.
Booker: Why are you following us? Who sent you, Harbinger? What do you want from--
A Gentleman: What do you see here, from this angle?
A Lady: Dead.
Booker: Listen-
A Lady: And that angle?
A Gentleman: Mind Control.
Elizabeth: Booker… The Star kid.
Booker: The Star Kid is gone!
A Gentleman: It was never here.
Booker: It’s another Ending.
Elizabeth: A different Color.
A Gentleman: The same ending.
A Lady: A different perspective.


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