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Annoying Belgian Guy
Annoying Belgian Guy

If only Wii U had more games. Seriously, Wii U’s first year is disappointing regarding both games and sales… Nintendo failed to re-create the collective enthusiasm of the launch of the first Wii. One of the biggest fault, to me, being Nintendo Land : not only you have to pay a bit more to have it in the bundle, but it didn’t prove the interest of the GamePad like Wii Sports did with the wiimote. Hopefully it was a lot more enjoyable visually and content-wise.

Moreover, Nintendo’s Wii U games felt a bit like the games of the 3DS’ first year : good games but either remakes or ports (like OOT 3D), either rushed so the console can have reassuring titles (Mario 3D Land wasn’t bad at all but it relied too much on the nostalgia for old Mario’s like Bros. 3, instead of being completely new). At least the first actual Wii games like Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy felt mature enough (at least to me).

I really hope the Wii U will eventually “reborn” in 2014, a bit like the 3DS did after its first price cut. Moreover the hardware itself doesn’t seem to need a improvement like the 3DS with the XL model (which wiped away many flaws of the first model, like autonomy, sharp edges replaced by soft ones, etc.) or the circle pad. It just needs more convincing games and a more affordable price (300 dollars/euros with one game is still a bit expensive, 200-250 would be perfect).

TL;DR Wii U could have performed a lot better after one year.


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